Former Breitbart Writer Charged With Attempted Murder


The Trump-friendly site Breitbart seems to be finding itself in the news a lot lately, and certainly not for their ‘journalistic’ virtues.  Case in point: Mr. Javier Manjarres, a prominent Conservative blogger based out of Florida. The former Breitbart  blogger won the CPAC award for Blogger of the Year in 2011 for his work on his website The Shark Tank.

Manjarres was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly fired a gun at his sister’s boyfriend, Mediate reports. Or as Breitbart’s authors would  put it, he was exercising his Second Amendment rights all over an unarmed man, for freedom.

Manjarres moonlighted for Breitbart until December 2015, writing columns that were harshly critical of Marco Rubio and supportive of Donald Trump. Due to the latter, he obviously fit in well with the right wing site.

Mediate reports:

Manjarres’ sister told police Friday that she and her boyfriend Jason Holowinski had quarreled, and that Holowinski had grabbed her by the neck and left her in a mall parking lot. Later, when Holowinski returned to pick her up, Manjarres was allegedly lying in wait. He is accused of hitting Holowinski in the face five times, breaking his nose, and firing a gun at him as he fled in his truck.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Manjarres’ car. He was arrested Saturday morning. But this isn’t his first arrest. According to a Jan. 19, 2012, report in the Miami New Times, he was arrested in June 1995 for burglary with assault, the Washington Times reports.

Several top executives and journalists at Breitbart have resigned this month, claiming that the site has turned into a shill for the Trump campaign while failing to support Michelle Fields, a now-former Breitbart reporter who accused  Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of grabbing and shoving her at a Florida rally this month. Ben Shapiro, Editor-at-large, joined the exodus after the site failed to support their own reporter.

Lewandowski has since been charged with battery.

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