GOP Congressman Claims To Be Women’s Health Expert Because He Is A “Former Embryo”


There is dumb, and then there is 40 miles beyond dumb. That is where Missouri Republican Representative and pro-abortion advocate Mike Moon is operating. A crowd squeezed into a too-warm Missouri Capitol basement hearing room, some pro constitutional amendment and some con, while others just wanted to see the side-show. Moon apparently planned on a serious, thoughtful presentation, but it went way wrong from the outset.

Moon made his argument:

‘As a former embryo myself, I would like protection for all embryos.’

Laughter rippled throughout the room. Moon, clearly surprised, paused mid-sentence. He did not specify whether or not he had been a human embryo or not. Once the laughter started, it filled the cramped room.

Once Moon dived off of the stupid board, he just kept going. His faulty logic compared protecting an unborn life to abolishing slavery. After all, both were constitutional amendments.

The U.S. Consitution’s 14th Amendment granted citizenship, and Moon’s proposed amendment would grant “personhood.” Unfortunately, the Due Process Clause in the 14th Amendment influenced the U.S. Supreme Court in establishing a right to privacy, often used in support of pro-choice opinions.

The amendment House Joint Resolution 98 would legalize a right to life for “unborn human children at every state of biological development” and fully outlaw abortion in Missouri, if it could pass. The state Constitution can only be amended as a joint resolution, meaning it must pass through both the House and the Senate.

Then it would need to pass a public vote, too.

Opponents claimed this amendment would be considered unconstitutional based upon Roe v. Wade (1973) according to the U.S. Supreme Court, which guarantees a woman a right to an abortion before the third trimester of the pregnancy and after under special circumstances.

St. Louis family physician Ed Weisbart formally testified against the bill, saying that no medical or scientific basis exists to draw a line where life begins. Since the beginning of life cannot be determined objectively, it can’t be legislated. He addressed the committee:

‘I know there’s nothing I can say today that will alter your opinion about when life begins. But I’m hopeful I can convince you that unlike what we’ve heard recently, this is just an opinion and not a scientific fact.’

Republican Representative Rick Brattin, committee member, claims that granting personhood to unborn fetuses is a civil rights issue:

‘I think it’s pretty sad that as a nation we haven’t learned from history.’

Democratic Representative Stacey Newman, member of the committee, made a comparison between gun control legislation and Kiessling’s testimony. The law seeks consistency in protecting life. She argued that every day, a life is lost to gun violence.

Michigan attorney and spokesperson for Personhood U.S.A. Rebecca Kiessling is the child of rape. She said:

‘I deserved to be protected, and every child deserves that same protection. I’m going to do everything I can to protect others.’

Moon is well on his way to becoming a national joke.

Featured Image: Kate Ter Haar via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

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