Mississippi GOP Passes Law Allowing Churches To Form Armed Militia


Bible belt state, Mississippi’s, laws are becoming more absurd by the day. House Bill 786 passed in the Republican state Senate on Tuesday allowing churches to pick and train their own form of armed guards that are able to carry firearms without a permit. Each church in Mississippi being allowed to have their own sort of God’s Army can only amount to chaos, fatalities, and an array of other problems.

The Clarion Ledger claims,

‘Sen. Sean Tindell, R-Gulfport, spoke for passage of the bill and said, “This will allow a church to have a sergeant-at-arms to protect the church body, just like we have (in the Legislature).” He said church violence such as the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, are prompting such measures.’

While Senators like Tindell agree, Senator Hillman Frazier had a very different outlook on the bill.

‘Sen. Hillman Frazier, D-Jackson, waved a sheathed sword and quoted Bible Scripture as he argued against passage of the bill. Proponents also quoted Scripture, and even the Five Man Electrical Band — “signs, signs, everywhere signs” — as they fended off an amendment to require churches with armed security to post signs.

“We don’t need to pimp the church for political purposes,” Frazier said said as he held an ornate sword at the podium. “If you want to pass gun laws, do that, but don’t use the church.”‘

The gun control debate has been an on-going argument over restrictions, permits, and gun owners’ rights. Tindell compares church members to government employees and concludes they need the same kind of protection, though government protection is not a backyard-trained bible-thumper that does not take into account proper gun safety, training, and use. Without requiring a permit, anyone in the church could be considered church security and take matters into their own hands.

Frazier sees the truth behind this bill, another way to get gun laws passed. Rather than using the church as a stepping stone, Frazier wants the bill to be presented as what it is, a change to the current gun laws. Churches portray themselves as peaceful, loving, and welcoming congregations; a few men with guns at the door is counteractive and welcomes arguments and violence.

According to Secular, Larry T. Decker states,

‘This legislation would put ‘soldiers of God’ above the law, allowing them to act as judge, jury, and executioner, religious institutions are already exempt from taxation, financial transparency, and many civil rights laws. The Mississippi Church Protection Act would constitute an unprecedented and dangerous next step. Belonging to a church should not afford anyone the same rights and protections as law enforcement.’

This ridiculous bill that was passed on Tuesday highlights just how idiotic Republicans get about owning guns. Bringing aggression, violence, and weapons into a church seems to be more damaging than good. Churches have been seen as kind and loving for decades; the sudden need for guns and their own personal army is nonsense and someone needs to put a stop to this crazy bill. Mississippi lawmakers have lost their minds over this gun control issue and need to focus on what they really want to pass rather than masking it with a church.

Image Source: Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.