GOP Congressman: If Bernie Or Hillary Win They Will ‘Control When You Wake Up And What You Eat’


Things are tough right now if you’re a Republican, especially those who are members of Congress. They have a choice to either support a crazy, creepy Evangelical Texan Senator, or a xenophobic, sexist fascist with absolutely no prior political experience. If it isn’t obvious, that’s either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. With only 3 Republicans left in the race for the party nomination, Cruz and Trump continue to prove to be the only two with an ACTUAL chance of snagging the nomination for the official race for the White House.

Things aren’t really any better for Republicans if they look to the Democratic side, because a they’re not too fond of Clinton or her Democratic Socialist fellow-candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

But Republican Congressman Don Young (R-AK) has something else in mind.

Wednesday, the Congressman told WFQD that he was a Jeb Bush supporter originally, due to the fact that he knew his “old man.” Now, Young claims he’s supporting Kasich, which isn’t anyone he should be putting money on, either. Admittedly, Young even knows Kasich doesn’t stand a chance. He says that’s because he has no “charisma” and Americans “don’t think anymore.”

The Alaskan Congressman still encourages Republican voters to support whomever the nominee is, because he thinks this is “the most crucial election” for Alaska and the rest of the country.

This kind of statement may cause you to wonder why, is this the most important election ever? According to Young, Sanders and Clinton have some alternate plans up their sleeves and are planning to have the government “control everything you do.”

According to Young, “everything” includes:

‘When to get up, what to eat, what you are thinking, what school you are going to go to and what you are going to believe.’

If you think this is some kind of made-up joke, you can listen to the clip below to hear the words straight from Young’s mouth:

Young’s conspiracy theories are anything but a new kind of crazy phenomenon he’s dreamt up out of the blue. It exactly mimics the kind of crazy talk people started to participate in when Michelle Obama began promoting healthy eating among school-aged children.

By now, you’re probably thinking that this guy is short a few marbles. You’re probably right. This isn’t the first time he’s spread about outrageous and ridiculous sentiments, while appearing to take himself entirely seriously.

Young has been a member of Congress for over 40 years, and he could very well be completely senile. Judging by his past comments though, these kinds of opinions are nothing new.

He once claimed the BP oil spill wasn’t an environmental disaster, and that people should drink by themselves to avoid domestic violence.

Wait, WHAT!?

ThinkProgress wrote an entire article on all the crazy things that have come out of Congressman Young’s mouth over the years.

So, while he may not be a Trump supporter, he certainly doesn’t have it all together upstairs.

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Source: ThinkProgress.