Hillary Clinton Perfectly Mocks Trump On Twitter Over His Absurd Abortion Remark (TWEET)


Blowhard narcissist Donald Trump has stooped to a new low. Je believes there should be some sort of punishment for women who have an abortion. Donald Trump quotes in an interview with MSNBC, “There has to be some form of punishment,” for women getting abortions. Trump has already proven himself to be a sexist pig that thinks of no one but himself, and now he has lost any hopes of having female supporters that are not under complete submission of the men in their life.

Hillary Clinton did not take Trump’s abortion comment lightly and called him out on Twitter about it. @HillaryClinton posted:

It is one thing when America thinks Trump is a sexist idiot, but when another presidential candidate that has been getting a lot of attention lately calls him out on his complete lack of respect for women and fatuous policies, more people will listen.

Trump feels the need to boast about every aspect of his life, make a complete fool of himself every time he opens his mouth, and shames women every chance he gets. It is very alarming that he is currently the Republican party’s front-runner and is likely to get the Republican nomination for the election this fall.

Clinton went on to tweet:

With women being half of the population, Trump should be trying harder to not show his truly sexist beliefs. At this point, Trump is trying to look good for America; if these thoughts are him toning it down and trying to be accepted, one can only image the treacherous ideas that he won’t let out.

Clinton made one point very clear:

Trump has shown his true colors, he has spoken his mind and did not think he would get this much backlash for his ignorant remarks. Only once Trump realized the complete outrage caused by his lack of empathy, did he try to cover it up and make it better. No matter how hard Trump tries to cover this up and backpedal, he showed his true colors and gave his thoughts on the matter.

Trump has proven time and time again to be everything America doesn’t need in a president. He is a racist, sexist, arrogant blowhard that tries to play the victim when someone disagrees with him. Hillary Clinton annihilated Trump on Twitter and has taken no mercy in regards to his attitude towards women. Trump’s ego can only take so much scrutiny; another tantrum is well overdue.

Image Source: Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.