JUST IN: New Wisconsin GOP Poll Just Triggered Alarm Bells For This Campaign

Why_Need_VOC_Program JUST IN: New Wisconsin GOP Poll Just Triggered Alarm Bells For This Campaign Election 2016
Via Clara Bridge

Believe it or not, this race is going to be a very close one. That is evident every time there is a primary or caucus that Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz wins. The upcoming primary election in the state of Wisconsin is taking place in just a few days, and the latest Public Policy Poll speaks volumes.

Ted Cruz is predicted to win Wisconsin, but not by much at all. The poll projects that Ted Cruz will win with 38% of the vote, while Donald Trump would only have 37%. Republican candidate John Kasich would have just 17%. These findings come from Public Policy Polling, who took a survey last Thursday asking Wisconsin voters who they would be voting for.

The Hill reported this:

“In a head-to-head matchup with Trump, Cruz leads by a wider margin, 49 to 41 percent. The poll found that 51 percent of Kasich voters would support Cruz if the Ohio governor left the race, while 19 percent would move to Trump. Trump is the only one of the three with a negative favorability. The businessman was seen favorably by 45 percent of voters, and unfavorable by 48 percent. Kasich was 52 percent favorable and 30 percent unfavorable. Cruz was 50 percent favorably and 36 percent unfavorable.”

A total of 768 voters gave their opinions in the survey, leaving a margin for error of 3.5% in a poll that took place from March 28th-29th.

The Wisconsin primary will take place on Tuesday, April 5th. Tune into Bipartisan Report for those breaking primary results.