Bernie Sanders Makes Surprise Appearance On Stephen Colbert With A Special Game (VIDEO)


United States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave a surprise visit to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, bringing some of his most powerful and memorable campaign qualities to the comic’s stage.

Colbert gave the backdrop to Sanders’s appearance by setting up his apparently infamous Wheel of News skit, based off of a large prize wheel projected on the ceiling of the Ed Sullivan theater where Colbert tapes his shows. The handle with which to spin this wheel is a large, “high-tech” lever — a rod held up by Colbert’s “under-the-desk guy” Brendan, told by the host to “stay down in the desk hole, buddy” before the start of the number.

After a few quite funny spins on where the¬†wheel landed by Colbert, including his discussion of the discovery of a so-called “Siberian Unicorn” and of the Bermuda Triangle as discovered to potentially be an “ocean fart,” aka, a locale where large amounts of exploding methane are released, Colbert introduced Sanders, appearing out of a cloud of fog to a loud round of applause after the host landed on the “Mystery Guest” option on the giant wheel.

Colbert began his time with Sanders onstage by asking him a couple of serious questions about his campaign’s issue with superdelegates, those members of the Democratic National Convention who, at the nominating convention, may vote for whichever candidate they please. Many of these persons have voiced support for Hillary Clinton.

Sanders’s response, as has been echoed prior, was that if the citizens of a particular state vote in landslide numbers, as has happened over and over, in support of Sanders, then he believes that the superdelegates from that state should support him as well.

Next came the reminder that the show was being hosted by a professional comedian, with the presidential candidate demanding a turn to “spin that damn wheel” that had brought him out in the first place. It was then, after Sanders took his place behind the desk to take hold of the wheel’s handle being held up by the “under the desk guy,” that he had his moment to shine comically, belittling Colbert for how he treats his workers and asking “what kind of operation” he runs if Brendan was under the desk the whole time. Such a message humorously goes right along with the biggest push behind the Sanders campaign in the first place, namely, standing up for the “little guy.”

After offering his hand to Brendan, Sanders really got to “spin the wheel.” It “landed” on “T-shirt Cannon,” and the evening ended with Sanders blasting t-shirts off into the crowd. Sanders is poised to win the Wisconsin Primary next Tuesday, April 5. You can watch the full skit below via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube.


Featured image is a screenshot from the video.