BREAKING: Hundreds Of New York Democrats Have Voting Eligibility Canceled Without Consent (VIDEO)


Bernie Sanders supporters in New York may be facing election fraud, according to In Arizona, registered Democrats’ registrations went from active to inactive, preventing them from voting in the Arizona primary, and now his supporters are reporting similar problems that may prevent them from voting in the New York primary.

Check Your Party Affiliation

Problems have been reported even though New York voters are registered with the Democrat Party affiliation. They also may have been long-time voters.

New York has a closed primary, meaning that you have to be registered with the party where you want to vote. Technical problems interfered with some voters changing their affiliation prior to the deadline. You can check your party affiliation online by going here.

Registered New York Voters

There are several additional deadlines that may apply to you, if you registered in New York:

  • April 12 – Last day to postmark an application or letter of application by mail for an absentee ballot.
  • April 18 – Last day to apply in-person for an absentee ballot
  • April 18 – Last day to postmark absentee ballot. It must be received by the local board of elections no later than April 26.
  • April 19 – Last day to deliver absentee ballot in-person to local board of elections.

Other Voters

  • You can change your registration, if you are inactive or unaffiliated, but that means you still won’t be able to vote in the primary. That deadline was October 2015.
  • The Bernie Sanders campaign has provided a voter registration form for New Yorkers here or here. Print out the form. To find out where to drop off the completed form, go here. Another option is mailing your registration card.
  • If your party affiliation was dropped or inactive, you could have changed your party affiliation online through the DMV and were given an extension through Friday, March 25. That allowed people to still vote in the New York primary, according to Democratic Board Of Election Commissioner Douglas Kellner. This is where many voters reported technical issues.
  • The March primary deadline only applied to first-time voters, those whose affiliation was dropped, or those shown as unaffiliated or inactive. Unfortunately, the deadline for changing from Republican to Democrat was October 2015.

Reporting The Problem

If you want to report your party affiliation was changed, you can go to any or all of these locations:

To see what happened with voter election fraud in New York, check out this video:

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons License.