Indiana Governor Mike Pence Is Being Trolled by Women Telling Him About Their Periods


Indiana Governor Mike Pence is facing a hilarious wake up call after his recent signature into law of Indiana HB 1337. This piece of legislation addresses abortion, and one part of the bill that the folks calling his office have so comically taken issue with is where it states that an abortion may never be gotten “solely because of … a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability. ”

The law also “Provides for disciplinary sanctions and civil liability for wrongful death if a person knowingly or intentionally performs a sex selective abortion or an abortion conducted because of a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disability.” Further, according to Raw Story, “It also requires physicians to provide information regarding perinatal hospice care to women in those types of situations,” and “Physicians are also required to have admitting privileges at a hospital within their county before they are allowed to perform the procedures.”

In response to this law, the campaign “Periods for Pence” was organized. Those who have been participating in this movement have been calling, repeatedly and continuously, into the Governor’s office and telling the office about their periods and other parts of their reproductive health. These calls are intended to point out that Pence’s new law does not actually accomplish much of anything positive, just a strange intrusion into the lives of Indiana’s women, and the callers seem to be doing a very good job of just that task. Their efforts are centered around their “Periods for Pence” Facebook page, which had amassed almost 9,000 likes as of the evening of April 1.

HB 1337 carries the look of doing something productive in the fantasy of those who signed it into law, but, remarkably, even some Republicans in Indiana oppose the measure. The problem is that, instead of addressing why these women may want abortions in the first place, it just blanket criminalizes the act. Now, anyone who has had any experience with law or with people knows that if something is said to be bad, what do you do? Well, you do whatever you were intending to do in the first place, of course. Sometimes that is because the thing said to be so bad wasn’t so bad after all.

Now, this scenario is precisely the problem that even had some Republicans worried, as some said that the bill could put Indiana back to the days of “coat hanger abortions.” These back alley health procedures obviously have serious consequences for those who undergo them, much worse than anything that could have happened from a medically sanctioned abortion procedure.

HB 1337 comes as some of the worst extremism on the right comes out of the closet at the urging of the GOP’s front-runner candidate Donald Trump. Just in the past few days, Trump suggested that women who undergo abortions should face some sort of organized punishment, interestingly similar to the wording in Pence’s law.

There was never really a coming out for Pence, though. He is the same governor who signed last year’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which gave businesses in the state the right to refuse service to those in the LGBT community, although Pence has apparently never outright endorsed Donald Trump. It’s nothing, though- he doesn’t have to. We all know who he supports, and that he is not on the side of the people of this nation.

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