BREAKING: School Principal Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Two Female Students


Douglas J. Allison is the principal of a small Christian school in Port Angeles, Washington. Allison is currently in custody after admitting that he sexually assaulted two female pre-teen students, according to KOMO News.

Allison, 55, has been charged with eight counts of molestation and four counts of child rape. The victims were ten and eleven years, both attending the 12-student school called Mountain View Christian School, which is operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Police claim that Allison is both a teacher as well as the school’s principal. The police listened in on a conversation Allison had with one of the mothers of the victims, during which he admitted to touching the woman’s daughter.

Having gained that information, police now had ample grounds to take Allison into custody. Police then proceeded to seize Allison from his home, when he reportedly confessed to committing the crime to the officer making his arrest.

Allison was placed on administrative leave as soon as the school caught wind of the allegations from the police.

Church members are apparently shocked and dismayed by Allison’s behavior, according to Associate Pastor Collette Pekar of Sequim Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pekar teaches bible study at Mountain View Christian School once a week, and has worked closely with Allison.

‘We are very, very sad,’ Pekar claimed.

‘Our congregation is grieving. We love our kids, we love our families. We’re praying for complete healing, for complete justice.’

Pekar went on to say that the case has deeply affected the young girls and their families, as well as Allison’s wife and family.

‘All humans have the potential to do horribly awfully things and just the realization that these things can happen is overwhelmingly sad,’ Pekar said.

Allison is currently being held at Clallam County Correction Facility, where bail is set at $100,000.

This entire case is disgusting and saddening. It’s safe to say we all hope justice is served, and that Allison gets as long of a sentence as possible. These poor young girls have been harmed in an almost unshakable way. Hopefully they get the help they deserve and are able to move past this tragedy.

You can watch the full news clip via YouTube, below:

 Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.