Trump Insiders Reveal Plan To Unleash ‘Total Chaos’ Outside Of The GOP Convention


Roger Stone, the well-known Republican political operative, has recently become an ally of Donald Trump. Currently Stone is attempting to organize protests at this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, as a way of putting a stop to the GOP establishment’s plans to “steal” the nomination away from Trump.

Trump’s been asked lately whether he would run as independent if the GOP managed to rip the nomination from his slimy little hands (or, not so little, as he has proclaimed…) but Trump seems to have other plans. And it makes sense. He’s leading the GOP right now, so why would he want to run as an independent?

On Friday Stone took to Twitter to support Trump, calling for a “Stop the Steal March on Cleveland,” calling on Trump supporters to make their way to Cleveland in July to physically show their support for the businessman-gone-politician.

rogerstonetweet1 Trump Insiders Reveal Plan To Unleash 'Total Chaos' Outside Of The GOP Convention Donald Trump Election 2016
Image is a screengrab via Twitter @RogerJStoneJr.
rogerstonetweet2 Trump Insiders Reveal Plan To Unleash 'Total Chaos' Outside Of The GOP Convention Donald Trump Election 2016
Image is a screengrab via Twitter @RogerJStoneJr.

According to BuzzFeed News, Stone told them via email that he is planning “#DaysofRage,” which, as they noted, sounds like a reference to the Weatherman-organized Days of Rage protests dating back to Chicago in 1969. Stone explained to BuzzFeed that what he meant was “rally-protests – at delegate hotels street theater.”

He claims that the Trump campaign isn’t involved in the organization of “DaysofRage,” and that it’s being “organized by Trump nation.” He was clear to state that “we did inform them.” Stone claims they will “stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”

Stone worked for the Trump campaign up until August, when he left due to a disagreement regarding Trump’s infamous beef with CNN’s Megyn Kelly. Disagreements aside, Stone still supports Trump and his political objectives, and fully believes in him becoming president. He still speaks with Trump, though they no longer work together.

‘We just have a different rhythm,’ Stone told GQ magazine in an interview earlier this week.

Stone went on to tell GQ magazine that he suspects some pretty unhappy Trump supporters attending the Cleveland convention in protest, saying:

‘I think there’d be extreme anger by the Trump supporters. I don’t know that it would boil over into violence. Trump is certainly not advocating violence.’

You’re probably thinking that’s ironic, given the fact that Trump rallies seem to be the breeding ground of extreme violence as of late. Not to mention Trump’s abusive campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who seems to have to no problem man-handling and physically assaulting female reporters. Trump himself has even predicted “riots” occurring if the convention doesn’t lead to him snagging the Republican nomination, which is pretty much just giving protestors the idea before they’ve had time to think of it themselves.

But only time will tell in terms of how far Stone and the rest of the Trump supporters decide to go with these new found protest plans. But one thing is clear – Stone’s certainly not afraid to speak out and get people thinking well in advance of the convention, again, planting the seeds of violence. There seems to be a pattern among Trump supporters, wouldn’t you say?

Feature Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, available under a Creative Commons license.

Original Source: BuzzFeed News.