JUST IN: New Republican Wisconsin Poll Shows VERY Good News For This Candidate


Wisconsin poll numbers are in and psychopath Ted Cruz is in front of the race with just 5 points more than known narcissist Donald Trump. These poll numbers look promising for Cruz who has been riding closely behind Trump for most of the candidacy. With Wisconsin primaries one day away, Trump is fretting and it is unsure what schemes his low self esteem and blowhard ego will bring along next.

Emerson College Polling Society analyzed the polls in Wisconsin and announced,

‘In the GOP race, Cruz is now five points ahead of Donald Trump (40% to 35%) with John Kasich at 21%. Two weeks ago, Cruz had a 1 point lead over Trump (36%-35%).’


‘If Cruz is the primary winner, he will win 15 delegates, Cruz is also ahead in five of the eight congressional districts where three delegates will be awarded to the winner of each district.’

Cruz is in the lead in Wisconsin and Trump is trailing right behind him. At this point in the race, every delegate vote counts, in order to secure the GOP nomination and go on to run against the Democratic Nominee later on this year. These numbers are cutting it close, too close for comfort for either candidate as pressure is rising.

Wisconsin voters seem to favor Cruz’s sociopathic smile over Trump’s lack of empathy and inability to relate to others. Wisconsin sees right though Trump’s narcissism, and he “continues to struggle with likely GOP primary voters with a 43% to 53% favorable to unfavorable rating.”

Trumps egotistical demeanor is seen right through, but voters are choosing the lesser of two evils and Cruz is much more liked in Wisconsin. Cruz scores 58% favorable to 38% unfavorable, those serial killer aesthetics and sly smile are working well for him.

These numbers are a lot closer than the Fox News poll report from a few days ago,


Whether these poll numbers reveal primary votes will be determined during tomorrow’s primaries, but the numbers speak for themselves. These poll numbers may say more about his recent comments and controversial views than anything, but the Republican blowhard has lost his momentum. Trump is slowly loosing his lead and will have to do something drastic to gain more voters if he plans on being the GOP nominee.

Image source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license.