JUST IN: New National Poll Released Is Making This Frontrunner VERY Nervous


Ted Cruz is giving Republican front runner Donald Trump a run for his money. Trump has ranked very high on the Reuters/Ipsos national poll. He has only faced a candidate with numbers close to his once, in November when Ben Carson surged before he sizzled out. After Tuesday’s Wisconsin polls, Ted Cruz’s numbers have surged. He is trailing right behind Trump.

Trump has not had to deal with being caught up to since he jumped to the top in July of last year, but Cruz is slowly gaining on him. This recent poll and the polls surrounding March 28th, outline skyrocketing ratings for Cruz, nearly catching up with the narcissistic blowhard. The only time Trump’s numbers were concerning to him was Ben Carson’s huge spike in ratings that quickly simmered out before he withdrew from the election, this is changing and tensions are rising between cunning Cruz and talent-less Trump.

The Reuters Poll outlined,

‘The U.S. senator from Texas has 35.2 percent support among Republicans to Trump’s 39.5 percent, according to the survey taken from April 1-5, putting the two within the poll’s credibility interval of 4.8 percentage points.’

Cruz is a measly 4.3 percentage points behind Trump in the most recent polls. This number falls between the 4.8 point margin of error which makes it impossible to tell who is really ahead at this point. Trump’s egotistical personality and atrocious comments have continuously pushed him back, to a point where he no longer has a comfortable lead. This leeway is just what Cruz needed to begin his scheming and gain the voters that have backed away from Trump.

All of the issues surrounding Trump have allowed Cruz to soar in the polls, leaving behind a nearly 20 point gap between the two that was present a month ago. Trump’s sexist abortion comments, which have thrown away all hopes of women voters, his promotion of violence, and dedication to limiting others’ rights have impacted his campaign very negatively. It is unlikely he will bounce back.

Many voters are straying away from the aggressive Trump campaign and leaning more towards a candidate that knows how to keep his mouth shut about certain issues. This is great news for Cruz, hoping to secure a nomination, but has delivered a blow to Trump’s ego. It is a tight race to see which candidate will secure the GOP nomination and be up against the Democratic nominee this fall.

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Image Source: Flickr with a creative commons license.