OUCH: Anonymous Group Leaks Personal Info Of Israel Defence Forces (VIDEO)


Ghost Squad hackers leaked personal info on the Israel Defense Forces today in what is called #OpIsrael. The coordinated attack was first launched in 2013, targeting Israeli websites on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. The motivation behind the group’s efforts is to retaliate against what they call the slaughter and genocide of committed against the Palestinian people.

Ghost squad recently took down Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s sites in what was called #OpTrump after declaring ‘total war’ on the bombastic hotel magnate. A representative of the group referred me to Hackagon.com which notes that the Israeli operation has been launching similar attacks each year on the same date.

The leak which was released today provides information on 8,000 IDF family members, including telephone numbers, full names and 10,000 personal emails.

In addition, the group included 1000 Israeli IDF soldiers facebook accounts, Israeli Air Force Facebook accounts, and Israeli border Police/Patrol Facebook accounts. Included in the d0x: Credit Cards belonging to Israeli IDF family members and IDF soldiers.

Hackagon reports:

They have also provided Commanders of Israeli Air Force, Commanders at Israeli Defense Forces. This Data release is in retaliation to the ongoing slaughter and genocide and atrocities committed on the Palestinian people, by the Israeli government set out to conquer Palestine in imperialistic methods of genocide.

An example:
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One credit card d0x:
IDF-620x293 OUCH: Anonymous Group Leaks Personal Info Of Israel Defence Forces (VIDEO) Politics Top Stories










Watch, uploaded by Ghost Squad Hackers:

The video released by the group mentions that the genocide of the Palestinian people has garnered the group’s attention. The d0x includes high ranking officials with the Israel Defense Forces. 8,000 phone numbers and credit card numbers have been released, among other details.

Right or wrong, we’re just reporting the leak. Since the leak has become an annual occurrence since 2013, perhaps the IDF should have expected them.

In light of reports that Israel and the Palestinian Authority were negotiating a deal to restrict IDF action in Palestinian- controlled areas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on to direct the IDF to continue its anti-terrorist offensive “everywhere and without restriction.” In other words Bibi is saying, too bad.

Big thanks to my source who shall remain Anonymous. See what I did there?

Image: Twitter.