Tens Of People Attend Ted Cruz Event In New York


Ted Cruz learned something when he visited New York. The well-populated borough The Bronx, hates him. The people of New York really, really do not like the Republican presidential candidate even on the heels of his Wisconsin win over Donald Trump.

New York Newspapers are blasting him after his visit.

An example:

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The New York Post notes that Cruz couldn’t even garner 100 attendees at a campaign event in Parkchester with state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., a conservative Christian minister. One would think a conservative Christian minister and Ted Cruz would bring in quite the crowd of evangelicals. Well, as it happens, it wasn’t 100 voters who showed up to see the Texas Senator from Canada. It was more like 12 and two of them were protesters.

The Post reports:

Aside from about 70 ministers affiliated with Diaz, only a dozen voters turned up — and two of them were tossed out after screaming protests about the Texas senator’s hardline stance on immigration.

“He is anti-immigrant. He denies climate change. He’s a right-winged bigot and he’s not welcomed here,” said protester Rebel Diaz, who is no relation to the senator.

Here’s where Cruz’s visit took a turn for the worse.

As if he couldn’t stop himself, Cruz doubled down on his assault on “New York values,” however, his message was changed a bit in order to make it easier for conservative New Yorkers to swallow his bullshit by calling them “liberal Democratic values” and linking them to Donald Trump.

“Let’s be clear. The people of New York know what those values are, the values of liberal Democratic politicians like Andrew Cuomo, like Anthony Weiner, like Eliot Spitzer, like Charlie Rangel, all of whom Donald Trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars to throughout the years,” said Cruz.

“If you want to know what liberal Democratic values are, follow Donald Trump’s checkbook,” he added.

Cruz was asked about Trump campaign’s claim that he broke federal election laws by colluding with Super PACs, and instead of answering, Cruz gave a sarcastic answer.

Cruz was then asked a question in Spanish, and the Cuban-American son of immigrants replied that he understood the language but he explained that his Spanish isn’t very good, so he answered in English.

Then this happened.

Before the event with the conservative state senator, his son, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., slammed Cruz as a hypocrite at a press conference arranged by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Ted Cruz is a hypocrite. He not only offended New Yorkers, he offended Bronxites, and now he’s here today in New York and in the Bronx looking for money and votes,” Diaz said. “We in the Bronx know how offensive he’s been. We know the truth about our borough.”

Cruz also scheduled a visit to a Bronx high school and that, too, didn’t go down well. He canceled the event after students threatened to walkout. “His views are against ours,” the students said.

“The presence of Ted Cruz and the ideas he stands for are offensive,” the letter said. “His views are against ours and are actively working to harm us, our community, and the people we love. “

The letter called Cruz “misogynistic, homophobic, and racist,” according to the Daily News.

He did, however, get an endorsement from New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, the PAC representing New York’s evangelical Christians.

New York is very diverse and the people there take no prisoners. New Yorkers tell it like it is and don’t hold back. It’s not very ‘PC.’

Image: Wikimedia Commons.