BREAKING: Wyoming Caucus Results Dramatically Shake Up The Race Heading Into New York


US Senator Bernie Sanders has scored a double digit victory this afternoon in the race for the Democratic nomination, winning the Wyoming Democratic Caucuses, according to the initial results. He currently holds approximately a 13 percentage point lead over his challenger Hillary Clinton.

Sanders, going into the caucus, was the favored candidate to win, but the initial results out of the largest county in Wyoming, Laramie, were a big surprise, as Clinton handily won, along with wins in Washakie, Carbon, and Natrona Counties.

This win only delivers a small number of delegates’ pledged support for Sanders, but it is still crucial in showing the Senator’s continued viability and strength in the Democratic primary race. The gap currently stands at just over 200 pledged delegates between Sanders and Clinton.

The Senator has now won 8 contests in a row, all in states that give air to Clinton’s difficulty in growing her support outside of her initial base. He now also has an addition to his strong assertion that he can win New York when that state votes in just under 2 weeks.

In addition, every last delegate does increasingly count as the race between Sanders and Clinton gets closer and closer. Sanders hopes to further close the gap come April 19 in the New York Primary, where he is coming up fast in the polls behind Clinton. Over the past month, Sanders has shrunk Clinton’s lead in New York polls by a full 30 points.

As for beyond New York, the hopes echoed by the Sanders campaign are that a big win in California come that state’s primary on June 7 can put Sanders over the top in his quest for the nomination. The latest polling average there has Sanders only about 11 percentage points behind Clinton.

Find some breaking coverage of the results below.

Featured Image via DonkeyHotey on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.