BREAKING: Terrorists Detonate Bomb On Packed Bus Killing 12 Army Recruits (IMAGES)


Twelve Army recruits are dead this morning after the vehicle they were traveling in was attacked by a suicide bomber. The incident happened early this morning in the city of Jalalabad, Afghanistan. The recruits were traveling on a bus together when a terrorist driving a motorcycle packed with explosives swerved directly into the path of the bus.

The twelve men were taken to the Jalalabad city hospital along with 38 other injured people, who were reported by AP to be in critical condition. With these numbers, the death toll is sure to rise.

According to the Associated Press, no terrorist organization has yet taken responsibility for the tragic incident that took the lives of at least 12 strong, brave young men who had devoted their lives to standing up for the innocent. The AP reported this:

“No group has yet claimed responsibility. Suicide attacks regularly take place in Jalalabad, as the province is home to a number of anti-government insurgent groups. Earlier Monday in Kabul, at least one person was killed when a bomb ripped through a bus carrying Education Ministry employees to work. Interior Ministry Spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said five people were wounded in the blast, caused by a magnetic bomb attached to the bus.”

The driver of the bus, Rahim Gul, told AP that the death toll was actually higher because at least 2 employees that he knew of had also perished in the explosion. Check back here for updates on this breaking news story.

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