Colorado Republicans Tweeted And Then Deleted A Shocking Message (VIDEO)


US Senator Ted Cruz swept the entire GOP nominating contest in the state of Colorado last Saturday. In the aftermath of a confirmed shutout of front runner Donald Trump, the official Twitter account for the Colorado state Republican Party put out the tweet which can be seen below — saved in a screenshot, since it was soon deleted.

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A follow up tweet tried to make up for the tweet which was claimed to be a mistake.

Saturday’s contest in Colorado was the culmination to at least a week of delegate elections held across the state, where each candidate had the opportunity to insert some of their supporters and hope for enough fellow supporters to choose them for the delegate positions. The delegate support in these local selections in Colorado would trickle down to the support of delegates representing the entire state come the National nominating convention in July.

Colorado held no grassroots level primary or caucus, meaning that these delegate elections were the only opportunity to effectively win the state’s nod for the nomination.

Cruz is currently running second in the race for the Republican nomination, but he has been gaining ground on Trump. Cruz won the Wisconsin Primary last Tuesday, delivering a serious blow to Trump’s ability to clinch a majority of delegates and subsequently the nomination. Cruz has won a steady minority of states that helps him to accomplish this task, although he probably will not be able to clinch a majority himself before the primary season is over. If he can deny such to Trump, however, than he is well off, because he is the favored winner of a nominating convention with no clear predetermined favorite.

The Cruz campaign has run a very effective operation towards the end of inserting many of his supporters into these delegate election contests. In this manner, Cruz already effectively flipped the Lousiana results in his favor, as he picked up about 10 more delegates than Trump in the actual delegate elections.

In South Carolina on Saturday, Trump picked up just one delegate of six that were chosen. Cruz was able to pull off a similar upset in Coweta County, Georgia. Trump is also, almost an entire month before the actual Indiana primary, getting the delegates stacked against him there

Cruz has had an almost humorously convoluted mass of supporters coalesce behind him. They are all united by the so-called “#NeverTrump” movement that was referenced in the tweet, whose latest explicit backer is Conservative commentator Mark Levin. The latest “endorsement” for Cruz came from a fellow US Senator from Idaho, Jim Risch, who said on CNN, “I guess” of whether or not he endorsed the candidate.

Whether the tweet was intentional or not, Trump’s assurance of his candidacy continues to fade as he flounders in the actual delegate selection contests. His “Minimum Winning Vote Share” continues to increase, but his support does not continue to increase much at all. He has now fallen to almost 90% of his delegate target needed for him to be on track, and even a 10% deficit is large enough to give Trump serious concern as to his viability.

Watch a short interview about the tweet below. Steve House, Chair of the state party, did not deny that it could have been the result of hacking.

Featured Image via Jamelle Boule on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.