Conservative Gun Nut Opens Fire On Mosque, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind


This is a lovely and heartwarming story so have your tissues at the ready. It starts like all great fairy tales do, with a former Marine from Connecticut, Islam, and a night of liquor and poor choices. During the evening of the Paris terror attacks, which left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded, Ted Hakey was thousands of miles away getting drunk at a bar. After drinking a reasonable amount of alcohol, Ted decided that the best way he could help the victims of the attacks was to go home and drink some more. So that’s what he did. Once nicely intoxicated, Ted hatched a plan. He would make those Muslims pay for what they’d done by writing mean things on Facebook. Way to go Ted. He also sent some poetic text messages to friends, including:

‘Is Muslim season open yet? I’m in a target rich environment.’

Ted happened to live next to a Mosque, so the object of his bigoted frustration was quite literally staring him in the face. Not content with being an internet troll, Ted escalated his revenge. He grabbed his M14 rifle and his 9mm handgun (yes, shockingly Ted is a responsible gun owner…) and fired some shots at the Mosque. This could just be a story about another gun nut shooting first and thinking later, but it doesn’t end there…

Dr. Mohammed Qureshi, the man in charge of the Baitul Aman “House of Peace” Mosque did what anybody who has ever encountered the Ismalic faith would expect him to do, and the opposite of what Donald Trump supporters would expect by reaching out to the Hakey family. Qureshi invited the Hakeys to an event at the Mosque called ‘True Islam and The Extremists’ to dispel some of the negative connotations that people like Hakey have about the Islamic faith. Qureshi said:

‘I’ve never had anything like this…It was very emotional. He came in in tears, he was quivering. I could feel it in his heart and his eyes that he meant what he said. I felt like he was saying it from his heart. It’s a rare moment when you see someone with so much hate for you come and apologize.’

Hakey is facing charges of committing a hate crime and may have to spend up to 9 months behind bars. The very people he was so prejudiced against are now trying to help get his sentence reduced and have accepted him and his family into the fold. Hakey for his part seems to have felt genuine remorse for his actions and has forged a friendship with Dr. Quereshi:

‘The forgiveness was so genuine, I realized they were really good people and the whole way they handled it was above and beyond.’

So our tale comes to an end with our hero overcoming his prejudices and learning that it’s always better to poke your head through a door and have a chat before you fire off your gun into a building because you might be wrong about the people you’re trying to kill. See the inspirational story in a video below:

Mosque Offers Forgiveness To Its Hate Crime Shooter

Members of this mosque offered forgiveness to the man who opened fire on their house of worship

Posted by NowThis on Friday, April 8, 2016

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.