Joel McHale Brilliantly Spites North Carolina Bigots And Does This To Help The LGBTQ Community


Joel McHale had a show in Durham, North Carolina this week. The comedian however, like Bruce Springsteen before him, couldn’t stay silent about his feelings regarding the state’s awful new anti-LGBTQ law.

McHale decided to use a considerable amount of his time on stage berating North Carolinians for their government. You can view the footage in the video below.

McHale, as the video shows, did not stop with simply giving his audience a hard time. He decided to inform them that he would donate “every single dime” he made from them that night to the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

McHale told the audience that he was very close to pulling a Springsteen on them as well, explaining that “there was a moment” when he wasn’t going to do the show. Instead of doing this, however, McHale found another way to get his point across without disappointing those who were looking forward to seeing him that night. He decided to go specifically to Durham because he knew their city council passed a resolution opposing the law.

McHale then got in touch with the local LGBTQ center to further help them in their cause against discrimination, giving them the direct support they will certainly need in their fight to reverse the law. He even made himself a t-shirt in support of the center at the last minute, using tape.

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The law, which came into effect with the passing of House Bill 2 (HB2) last month, came about after Republican lawmakers wanted to strike down a new provision allowing transgender individuals to use public restrooms corresponding with the gender they identify with. They ended up doing far more than disenfranchise the transgender community from their own basic human dignity. HB2 effectively banned all cities in their state from passing any new anti-discrimination ordinances to protect the LGBTQ community.

This means that employers and private businesses are now free to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals whenever they want. They can now deny somebody their service simply because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, effectively marginalizing their entire community from the rights enjoyed by most other North Carolinians. Without any further legislation, this is completely legal in North Carolina, as there are no laws already in place protecting LGBTQ individuals from this kind of discrimination. Archaic Republican lawmakers fully intend to keep it this way, much to the rightful dismay of entertainers like Joel McHale. Here’s to hoping the pressure being applied by him and others will get the state to rethink what it is they are doing.

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