JUST IN: Potentially Game-Changing Lawsuit Filed In Arizona Over Results In Presidential Election


A lawsuit in Arizona challenges the results of the presidential preference election there has the potential to be a game-changer for both Democrats and Republicans.

Tucson’s local news reports that John Brakey, resident and co-founder of Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections, filed a lawsuit over what he witnessed during the presidential preference election, which serves as Arizona’s primary election in which citizens have “an opportunity for Arizona voters to let their parties know who they prefer as their presidential candidate for the General Election.”

John Brakey said in a statement the lawsuit alleges that officials improperly changed voters’ party affiliations that resulted in voters not being allowed to cast their ballots, failing to provide ballots to qualified voters and lack of security for voter databases.

The lawsuit filed in Superior Court calls on the certification of the election, which happened on April 4, to be canceled. He doesn’t want a new certification until  ‘the election is properly conducted and in compliance with every Arizona law.’

He said the problems are significant enough to have altered the results for both Republicans and Democrats in the election.

According to certified results of the Arizona primary, Trump won with 47.1 percent of the GOP vote and Clinton with 57.6 percent. Brakey insists that those results are suspect due to what he witnessed in two Arizona counties: Maricopa and Pima.

The problems in Maricopaa County have been widely reported and are being investigated by the Department of Justice.

It was only a week ago that the Department of Justice declared an investigation into the Maricopa County fiasco. The Justice Department sent Purcell [Mariposa County Reporter] a letter of inquiry regarding the absurd wait-times in voting lines, especially in communities of color…

The root of a great deal of Arizona’s problems in the election is the decision to knock Maricopa County polling stations down by a whopping 70 percent, dropping down to 60 polling stations instead of 200…A great deal of that issue occurred throughout Maricopa County, but Brakey wants it to be known that problems existed outside Maricopa County, as well. He said in a statement:

‘It’s very concerning and we need answers. I witnessed the hand count in Pima County. Crucial legal safeguards weren’t followed.’

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