JUST IN: Trump Caught Lying About His Supposed Charitable Donations, Gives ‘Golf’ Instead Of Cash


Donald Trump is a man known for possessing great hair, a fine business mind and a philanthropic and charitable nature unrivaled in the history of humankind. Now if we remove the lies from that first sentence, we’re left with: Donald Trump is a man. The Donald, throughout his bid for the Republican nomination, has been tooting his own horn about supposed charitable donations. Here’s an example of the events he’s been holding for various causes:


If you can’t sit through the full video, Trump parades different talking heads on stage, rambles incoherently, and makes claims about raising lots of money for veterans. Anybody who donates money to those in need deserves praise and recognition, even when they have millions of dollars to spare, but the Republican hopeful has been fibbing about just how much he gives and just how much of it comes from his pocket.

The Washington Post investigated some of Trump’s claims against his actual donations and found some significant discrepancies. Trump’s claim of donating more than $102 million to charity over a five-year period is not correct, with Trump having given none of his personal wealth.

The Trump campaign released a large list of charitable donations made by The Donald, but a little digging showed that most of the donation came from the Donald J Trump Foundation, a charitable foundation that hasn’t seen a gift from Trump since 2008 and these days is mostly funded by other donors. Trump can choose how the Foundation spends the money, though, and often picks charities that will further his business or political ambitions, the article states:

‘His foundation, for example, frequently gave money to groups that paid to use Trump’s facilities, and it donated to conservatives who could help promote Trump’s rise in the Republican Party. The foundation’s second-biggest donation described on the campaign’s list went to the charity of a man who had settled a lawsuit with one of Trump’s golf courses after being denied a hole-in-one prize.’

The records show he has donated rounds of golf and free hotel stays, but no personal cash. Allen Weisselberg, the Chief Financial Officer for the Trump Foundation said about his charitable donations:

‘We want to keep them quiet…He doesn’t want other charities to see it. Then it becomes like a feeding frenzy.’

Feeding frenzy indeed. It’s not fair to say Trump doesn’t donate to charity; he may make anonymous donations that we don’t know about, and he has given sums of money to people in need before, with a very famous account of him paying off a couple’s mortgage after they helped him when his limo broke down. What’s troubling about this revelation, though, is that the man who would be President is using charitable donations that he did not make to garner support for his campaign. He’s lying about giving money to those in need. If he’s prepared to lie about that, what else will he do to secure the Republican nomination?

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.