New Study Shows People Of This Religion Most Likely To Get Abortion, The Results Are Going Viral


Prepare to have your entire life rocked by this Earth shattering news…Are you ready? A recent survey has shown Christians to be a hypocritical bunch of people. Mind blown! The survey conducted by Lifeway Research shows that the majority of women who get an abortion are part of the Christian faith, the same Christian faith that is so outspoken against the right to choose.

The survey questioned 1038 women who had had abortions and found that around 70% of those asked identified as Christian. Unsurprisingly only 7% of those women discussed their abortion decision with anybody from the church. Think about that for a moment. You’re part of a religion that preaches love, faith, and forgiveness, but you’re too afraid to discuss a life changing decision with anybody associated with that religion out of fear. Fear of what? Heavenly Judgment? Eternal Damnation? Going to Hell? Nope, fear of gossip. The Christian Post remarks:

‘The survey also found that 64 percent of respondents feel that members of the church are more likely to gossip about their pregnancy or abortion consideration rather than actually help them understand their pregnancy options.

While weighing their abortion decisions, 36 percent said they expected or experienced judgemental reaction from a church, while 26 percent said they expected or experienced condemnation from the congregation.’

Nobody should have to go through the often heartbreaking decision of whether to have an abortion or not alone, but with such an aggressive and simplistic view of the issue, the Christian church is not even able to support its followers. If a religion can’t offer help to members of its congregation during their times of need, what’s the point of the religion?
The survey breaks down the Christian faith into different groups, Non-Denominational, Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic. Protestants and Catholics shared the abortion gold medal with over half in the Christian group belonging to one of those two sects of the faith. It’s not a startling revelation but it is one that encourages a lot of thought about the Presidential election.
The Republican candidates know that a lot of their support comes from the hardline religious voter, and so a lot of the Republican policy enforces archaic religious tenets, with abortion being a massive voter issue. Do you want to elect someone because they’re part of a religion? A religion that does not practice what it preaches and makes women feel ashamed and guilty about making decisions that could impact their health? Do you want a President who would punish women who have abortions? Here’s a reminder of the sort of good Christian President we might end up with if we don’t all go out on polling day and do the right thing: