JUST IN: A New Poll Found This Candidate With A Big New Lead In New York


It’s just one week until the highly anticipated New York primaries and things are beginning to get interesting. Tuesday, April 19th, democrats will head to the polls in the delegate-rich state of New York to show their support for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The diversity and size of state of New York are huge in terms of how each candidate will fair overall in leading up to the party nomination. And as the race between the Republican candidates continues to get outright nasty, it’s becoming even more important for the democratic party to stay united and strong. No matter the nominee, the party must unify and head into the general election with a powerful and effective leader. So it makes sense that all eyes are on New York as Clinton and Sanders gear up for the big day.

Both democratic candidates claim New York is their home state, with Clinton’s headquarters stationed in Brooklyn and Sen. Sanders (R-VT) having grown up in Brooklyn. Clinton is a former New York senator, and has led Sanders in several polls leading up to the state’s primary.

Most recently a NY1 Baruch College poll released on Monday night found voter support for Clinton at 50 percent, and 37 percent for running mate Bernie Sanders.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released on Monday found Clinton leading by 14 points and a similar poll out of Monmouth University showed the former secretary of state ahead by 12 points. With only one week left, it’s looking like Clinton can be confident as she heads to New York with double digits ahead of Sen. Sanders (R-VT).

That being said, Sanders has been shrinking the gap between himself and Mrs. Clinton in recent weeks, and that pattern is expected to continue straight through to next Tuesday. The self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist has criticized Clinton for accepting speaking fees from Wall Street and voting in favor of the Iraq War.

Sanders has also seen an increase in momentum in recent weeks; winning the last eight state primaries, slowly but surely working to bridge the gap between himself and Clinton.

As New York gets closer, however, we’re seeing tensions between the two democratic candidates starting to heat up. The Washington Post covered an article detailing an interview Clinton gave to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” questioning Sanders’ qualifications for president. In retaliation, Sanders hit back by criticizing Clinton, saying she is the one not ‘qualified’ for the presidency. Later on however, the Senator from Vermont did retract his previous statement.

In the same interview, Clinton even went on to blast Sanders’ stance on gun policy.

Clearly things are taking a sharp turn, and we’re definitely seeing the fighting side of each candidate come out. There’s no doubt things will continue to heat up as New York’s primary approaches.

Clinton is pulling out all the stops, in hopes of snagging a victory in lieu of Sanders’ recent wins. But according to Bloomberg Politics, New York may be even more important for Sanders as he currently trails Clinton’s 1,758 delegates (including 497 super-delegates) with just 1,069 delegates (including 69 super-delegates).

Feature Image via DonkeyHotey/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.