JUST IN: Connecticut Poll Numbers Released Show A Healthy Lead For These Two Candidates


Emerson College Polling Society has released a new set of polling data, just weeks before the Connecticut primary. At this point in the election, every primary matters and candidates are scurrying to get every last vote in hope of gaining enough delegate votes to secure the nomination. On both the Democratic and Republican sides of the ballot, these poll numbers are shocking and give insight about what may unfold at the Connecticut Primary later this month.

The Republican party has a lot of hopefuls going into this primary. The results can either make or break the candidates. Going into the Connecticut Primary, Donald Trump has a huge advantage and holds the lead in five of the congressional districts. Trump’s numbers are currently through the roof which can mean bad news for both John Kasich and Ted cruz.

The Emerson College Polling Society released poll numbers that state,

‘Donald Trump is positioned to sweep the 28 delegates at stake in the April 26 Connecticut GOP primary. In a statewide poll conducted by Emerson College, 50% of likely Republican voters say they will vote for the billionaire businessman.

Ohio’s John Kasich is in second place with 26% of the vote. Ted Cruz, with 17%, risks being shut out of the delegate count if he fails to win 20% of the statewide or Congressional district vote. Six percent (6%) of GOP primary voters are undecided.’

Poll numbers indicate Trump is in the lead and with a strong hold on the numbers and continues to widen the gap between himself and Ted Cruz. With Ted Cruz poll numbers only at 17% and there being an undecided 6% Cruz may gain some of the undecided voters and be able to advance on through the primaries. Numbers are not looking good for Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and as primary votes are counted, he can only hope America votes in his favor.

Emerson continues with favorability and loyalty and highlights,

‘Among GOP voters John Kasich is also viewed much more favorably than either of his Republican opponents. His favorable/unfavorable rating is 67/30 (+37) compared to Trump’s 57/40 (+17) and Cruz’s 38/57 (-19). However Trump commands the most loyalty: 80% compared to Kasich (38%) and Cruz (37%).’

Kasich has strayed away from the lime light, and has very little media attention. With Cruz and Trump constantly making a fool of themselves, proposing ridiculous policies, and causing anger fueled arguments throughout the nation, it is easy for Kasich to rise to the top in favorability. Soft Spoken Kasich has worded his idiocy in a way that does not cause a stir, nor promote violence and hatred among Americans.

Trump’s cult-like supporters are unwavering and keep his numbers high. Whether it be the number of people injured at a rally, how many people can be offended, or how many loyal voters you can get to follow one idiot, Trump has crushed his opponents and hopes to continue. This is frightening news to the rest of America that sees straight through Trump and understand he is a fascist billionaire that only believes in himself.

The upcoming Connecticut primary will be an interesting one for all candidates involved and may be a major breaking point in the candidacy. With poll numbers showing Trump on top, he is resting easy and this may be the downfall of Trump’s campaign. The upcoming primaries are very important and will help the GOP secure a nominee to run against the Democratic party later on this year.

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license.