WATCH: Black People Attacked At Trump Rally In Albany, New York (VIDEO)


Oh man, this is getting scary. Another fight broke out at a Trump rally Monday, this one between a white supporter and a black man in Albany, New York. The tension was palatable, as if all the country’s Republican Party’s anger at the system was funneled into this Trump rally.

What is most remarkable is that more outbreaks have not occurred and no one has been seriously injured. A video recording showed what happened.

A Trump supporter, who gave his name only as “Mike,” said he shoved a black man, because he was “yelling in my face.” After the incident Mike said:

‘Hey, I’ll snatch anybody up if they yell in my face over anything. I have my personal rights and my personal space. They’re gonna start yelling about some [expletive], I’ll snatch your [expletive] up. That’s all.’

Mike seemed to be sporting for a brawl, when he took the episode from verbal shouting in the midst of a raucous crowd to physical. He lunged at the man and put his palm into the man’s face. Then he shoved, twice, before the crowd could pull the two men apart.

The black man continued yelling at Mike, throughout the incident, but he did not become physical.

An Albany Times-Union camera man caught the entire episode in high-definition. However, the editor has not released the footage to other news organizations.

So far, the other man has not been identified, and police made no arrests at the time or afterward.

A trail of violence follows the Trump rallies across the country. In Kentucky, three people sued Trump and his campaign, after they claimed they were either attacked or faced racial slurs.

Trump fans believe the media manipulated the video.

Trump’s rally occurred after he lost every Colorado delegate, while he was angry at the Republican establishment, saying that the GOP nominating process was “crooked:”

‘Because we thought we were having an election, and a number of months ago they decided to do it by you know what, right? Right? They said we’ll do it by delegate. They said we’re going to do it by delegate. Oh. Isn’t that nice.’

‘And the delegates were all there all waiting and the head guy, in fact one of them tweeting out today or said today by mistake and then they withdrew it something to the effect ‘see never Trump look what we did never Trump.’ Because if I go to the voters of Colorado, we win Colorado. So it’s a crooked, crooked system.’

The RNC changed its rules in 2012, after then presidential candidate Ron Paul wrested a startling number of Colorado delegates, even when he was far behind front-runner former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former congressman from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum.

Trump also reminded the crowd of Cruz’s “New York values” comment, saying what the Texas Senator really felt was “disdain” and “hatred” toward his state:

‘We have the greatest values. Nobody has values like us.’

You’re right, Trump. Nobody has values like you.

Featured Image: Darron Birgenheirer via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: NBC News.