WATCH: Dad Threatens To ‘Retaliate’ Over Sex Ed Classes, Iowa Schools On Lockdown


An Iowa father (not pictured) should have attended some sort of anger management group instead of becoming so outraged over his child’s school’s sex education curriculum that he forced several schools to be placed on lockdown.

Bruce “Deano” Divers, Jr. sent a threatening email to the school saying he plans to “retaliate” for sex ed classes, KWWL reports.  Divers also threatened two teachers on Facebook, according to police. Mr. Divers was arrested Monday with charges of harassment.

Divers reached out to KWWL to say that he sent the email to a teacher. He added that he did not mean to threaten the school but he is upset with the curriculum his 4th grader is learning, namely about sex-ed at the school.

Divers sent a copy of the email which he sent one of the teachers at the school in Decorah. In part, it said, “Decorah schools spiritually declared war against my house today. When I retaliate Monday morning…”

Due to the threatening language contained in the email, the school district decided to place the schools on lockdown.

The school was flooded with phone calls after the lockdown from concerned parents. The Decorah School District also released a statement, which said, “After thorough discussion with the Decorah Police Police Department and the Winneshiek County Attorney, precautionary safety measures will be taken at all district buildings. Every effort will be made to provide a safe and secure environment which will allow your son or daughter to have a normal day.”

It appears that Mr. Diver must not have been aware that he could have easily excluded his child from the sex-ed class.


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WXXL reports:

Superintendent Mike Haluska says the 4th grade curriculum focuses on human growth and puberty.

He says, “Interestingly enough, we have paper work available at the beginning of the school year for anyone who wishes to have their children exempted from any conversations that have to do with that type of subject matter.”

Deano met with Haluska at around 4:00 to try to work things out. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that meeting.

Featured image: Jayel Aheram via Flickr.