WATCH: Larry Wilmore Hilariously Roasts Bill Clinton’s Attempts At Campaigning For Hillary (VIDEO)


“Nightly Show” host Larry Wilmore comically skewered some of Former President Bill Clinton’s most recent utter missteps while campaigning- or attempting to campaign- for his wife Hillary. According to Wilmore, news coverage has lately been focused on Hillary’s campaign and Bill’s “campaign to tank Hillary’s campaign.”

The former Commander in Chief has certainly made some unfortunate gaffes on the campaign trail. Most recently, he had a heated exchange with Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters who interrupted his speech, with Bill accusing them of “supporting gang leaders” who “train kids to kill.”

Wilmore, on his show, cut out of the clip and shook his head, saying, “No, Bill, no- when Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt you, you are supposed to play dead!” Wilmore went on to explain that he was not sure how to respond to BLM protesters, but however you are supposed to, Bill certainly didn’t do it right. At the campaign event, when he gave the remarks about BLM support of gangs, he was met with a reserved but strong round of applause -and a whole further load of bad press coverage for his wife’s campaign. You can watch a clip of the encounter below.

Hillary actually had a similar encounter with BLM protesters back in February, one that is not good for the public image of the campaign going forward. Every little bit of favorability matters to Hillary, who is barely maintaining her slowly shrinking lead. (She is currently about 2.6% ahead of US Senator Bernie Sanders in national poll averages.) The fight for the Democratic nomination is going on much longer than party bosses and leaders thought it would- or wanted it to.

Hillary has been winning the black vote at an ever decreasing rate. If the trend continues with her on the ballot in November, it could spell doom for her run for the Presidency. You can watch a clip of Hillary’s “meeting” with BLM below, for which she was also blasted afterwards. The clip also mentions what BLM’s problem with the Clintons is in the first place. Back in the Clinton presidency era, Hillary made a comment about “having to bring them to heel,” referring to so-called “superpredators” among black youth. The clip of this comment has resurfaced lately and caused a lot of controversy.

Wilmore’s coverage of Bill Clinton’s troubles was a part of his “Blacklash” segment of the campaign to replace Obama. He will have Bernie Sanders on his show on Wednesday. You can watch a clip from Wilmore’s show below.

Featured Image is a Screenshot from the Wilmore video.