BOOM: Protesters Shut Down ‘Students For Trump’ Meeting (Video)


On Thursday evening, some less-than-fully-enlightened students at Portland State University (PSU) decided to hold the inaugural meeting of “Students for Trump.” They drew a sparse crowd, but thanks to some anti-Trump protesters who showed up, they didn’t get much accomplished.

The “Students for Trump” had advertised the meeting as one for “planning,” but as the Vanuguard, PSU’s student newspaper reported, planning was replaced by confrontation. The Vanguard’s Colleen Leary wrote this about the incident:

‘After and an hour and a half, most of the Trump supporters had left the original meeting table and moved to several heated discussions off to the side of the cafeteria. Protestors followed the Trump supporters back and forth across the cafeteria for about two hours.

‘One anti-Trump student tried to shake hands with a man wearing a Make America Great Again hat. He refused and said “No, I can’t. We’re enemies.” He gestured using air quotes on the word enemies.’

It was later revealed that the protesters were led by PSU student activists Olivia Pace and Alyssa Pagan. Pace and Pagan are members of a student group that has also disrupted the PSU’s Board of Trustees meetings on three consecutive occasions.

Just last week, as the Board of Trustees was in session, PSU’s appointed board left after protesters commandeered the meeting and took control of the room. The board then went to an emergency communications room elsewhere on the campus where they voted to increase tuition at the university.
The leader of the pro-Trump student group, Volodymyr Kolychev, later claimed that he had anticipated there would be protests as his group tried to convene. He added that the meeting, which was announced, merely served as “bait.” When asked if he still supported the GOP front-runner despite how unpopular that might make him on campus, Kolychev replied:
‘Are you asking if I still support Trump? More so.’
Perhaps the greatest irony surrounding Trump and his supporters throughout this 2016 race is that Donald Trump and his acolytes love to say they are protected by free speech rights to say objectionable things about groups they dislike or choose to hate, and yet when someone dares to show up and protest a Trump rally or a student meeting, they seem deeply offended that anyone would dare to exercise those same First Amendment rights.
Here’s a video of a confrontation between two men that took place at the meeting:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab