GRAPHIC: Ohio Teen Films Friend Getting Raped, Broadcasts It Live Across The Internet


An 18-year-old Ohio woman has been charged with livestreaming her 17-year-old friend’s rape online, according to WCMH-TV.

According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, Marina Alexeevna Lonina and her 17-year-old friend were hanging out with an older man named Raymond Boyd Gates at a house on Christina Lane in Columbus, OH. There, Gates, 29, allegedly forced himself on the underage girl without her providing consent.

O’Brien reports that, when the event occurred on February 27th, 2016, Lonina began to live stream the sexual assault with an app on her cellular device called Periscope. O’Brien claims that Lonina and the victim were together the night prior to the assault, when Lonina took naked photos of the victim with her cellular device.

A friend of Lonina’s watched the live stream from another state and immediately contacted authorities.

Both Lonina and Gates have been charged with one account of kidnapping, two accounts of rape, one count of sexual battery and three counts of pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor, as reported by WCMH-TV.

Lonina also faces another charge of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance, for taking adult photos of the victim at her residence the evening prior to the sexual assault.

According to O’Brien:

‘People need to know and understand that the use of a smartphone to video events can constitute serious felony crimes. They should think twice before they use their smartphones to either photograph or video anything that’s of a sexual nature.’

He went on to add:

‘If Gates and Lonina are convicted for these charges, they each face a potential sentence in excess of forty years in prison.’

Josh Bedtelyon, who is Lonina’s attorney, claims his client “categorically denies” the charges laid against her.

Gates is due in court for arraignment on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

O’Brien also noted that alcohol had been consumed on the night of the alleged sexual assault, suggesting that intoxication may have played a role in the behavior of those involved. It was discovered that Lonina, Gates, and the victim all had consumed alcoholic beverages.

This situation does make you wonder, why on earth would someone live stream such a horrendous act? It may make sense to video tape something of that nature in order to provide police with proof, but what kind of person live streams their friend being raped?! What has America come to?

Let’s all hope that justice is served here and that these two are punished for their despicable acts. Not only is the act of rape dehumanizing and traumatizing in itself, but to further humiliate the victim by broadcasting her sexual assault to the public is almost unimaginable.

You can watch a report with more details on the incident via Fox40 here.

Feature Image accessed via Fox40.