JUST IN: Clinton Campaign Posts Then Immediately Removes This Video From Their Timeline (VIDEO)


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has often been criticized for supposedly having a difficult time showing even a little appropriate emotion. On Tuesday, her social media team did not do much to help her out with that image problem when they, evidently, deleted a video from her campaign Twitter timeline shortly after posting it — although not fast enough to keep some from saving it.

The video, which can be viewed at this link, seems odd to many. It was apparently created in honor of the 1 year anniversary of her candidacy announcement, which coincides with “Equal Pay Day,” a day set aside to emphasize the need to enact the practice of equal pay for all genders.

In the clip, Clinton does a head bobbing number before being cued by the camera team to begin speaking. This bobbing, along with other characteristics of her speaking in the video, seems “fake,” “phony,” and “forced” to some commentators. In fact, the deletion of the video does more to hurt her image than leaving it up. She doesn’t say or do anything obscenely out of place, so it only contributes to thinking perhaps she really does have an emotional expression problem. After all, the campaign may be evidenced to think as such, based off this incident.

Both serious and not so serious commentators definitely think so of the candidate and former First Lady. She was the subject of a September 2015 piece in the satirical newspaper The Onion entitled, “Campaign Staffers Making Progress Conditioning Hillary Clinton to Replicate Emotions.” This piece from the Onion came months after a Saturday Night Live skit mocking the same perceived qualities in Clinton.

The sketch, which can be viewed below, almost shockingly predicts the present incident. In it, a mock advisor is coaching Clinton, as played by Kate McKinnon, towards the end of making a personally recorded video for social media about her official candidacy announcement. Clinton/McKinnon makes hilariously epic fails, while even being joined by husband Bill, played by Darrell Hammond.

As for more serious concerns, an eyewitness to a Fall 2015 event organized by Clinton had this to say,

‘The sauna-hot room was silent as a woman told a halting and tearful story about her son’s struggle with a serious mental disorder. “Because we couldn’t get good mental health care for him,” she said, wiping a tear, “he finally took his life.” Some in the audience of 300 packed into a Boys & Girls Club in this lakeside town appeared moved by the story. But not, at least that one could tell, the woman who organized the forum, which was intended to focus on the scourge of drug addiction in New Hampshire.’

Clinton ended up losing the New Hampshire primary by a record margin.

As for the video, as mentioned, it is NOT presently viewable on her Twitter timeline. It is perhaps unlikely but still possible that the video is a fake. New technology was recently in the spotlight that can produce footage of any person that looks real but is completely fake. Still, Clinton does continue to have an image problem, with a massive national net unfavorability rating, and she must work on that to strengthen her potential place on a general election ballot in November.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.