JUST IN: New Connecticut Poll Numbers Shows This Democrat Pulling Ahead


Connecticut’s Democratic primary may be overshadowed by talk of New York for now, yet it is sure to become contested ground in the near future. According to Emerson College Polling Society Clinton currently leads Sanders 49 to 43 percent among Democratic voters in Connecticut, which holds its primary April 26.

In what parallels Sanders’s difficulties in New York, Connecticut holds a closed primary, meaning neither registered Republicans nor Independents will be able to vote. However something interesting happens to the numbers when all likely voters, regardless of party affiliation, were asked which of the two Democratic candidates they favored. In this case, Clinton leads still, but only barely, with 47 percent of the vote to Sanders’s 46 percent.

With 55 delegates, Connecticut is far from insignificant in the race for the Democratic nomination and delegates there are awarded proportionally. So you can expect a tight race but then Thursday’s debate could potentially change the numbers for both Clinton and Sanders in more than just New York.

Interestingly, while the poll has both Clinton and Sanders coming out on top in head-to-head contests against Cruz and Trump, Kasich beats both Democrats hands down. Who would have pegged Connecticut as a pro-Kasich enclave?

This is a state Clinton lost to Obama in 2008 and in a race that seems to be getting closer with each state, you can expect Clinton to fight for this victory. That means Thursday’s debate is going to be an especially heated one, with Sanders going after Clinton on the 1994 crime bill and mass incarceration. Clinton is sure to hit Sanders on gun control, a message likely to resonate with New York and Connecticut Democrats alike. See below for what their exchange over guns looked like last month in Flint. Not too bad but as heated as that was, it is likely to get hotter for both candidates on Thursday.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.