President Obama Makes Comment About ‘Women Presidents’ That Has The Internet Buzzing (Video)


If there’s one thing President Obama knows about, it’s breaking down barriers. As the first African-American to ever be elected President of the United States, he has now shattered the misconception that this country would never elect (or reelect) a black person to the highest office in the land. And now the President is speaking out on the next barrier he wants to see broken: a woman in the White House.

At a speech honoring the women’s rights movement in America, the President remarked:

‘I want young girls and boys to come here 10, 20, 100 years from now to know that women fought for equality

‘I want them to be astonished there was ever a time when women were vastly outnumbered in the boardroom or in Congress, that there was ever a time when a woman had never sat in the Oval Office.’

As the father of two amazing daughters, there is no doubt that this issue is one that’s close to the President’s heart. And though he didn’t actually mention the current Presidential race in either party, he did say he firmly believes we are drawing closer to the day when a woman will be President:

‘I know we are getting closer to that day because of the work of generations of active, committed citizens.’

The President made his remarks just a day after Vice President Biden also weighed in on the race for the White House, telling a reporter as part of an interview:

‘This country is ready for a woman. There’s no problem, we’re going to be able to elect a woman in this country. I would like to see a woman elected.’

Might the White House be attempting to signal who they support in the 2016 Democratic contest for the nomination? Some have suggested that if Hillary Clinton were elected, it would be seen by Obama as his third term, since he believes Clinton would carry on many of his policies, especially health care reform, which is a particular point of pride for him. But White House press secretary Josh Earnest seemed to tamp down any ideas some might have along that line:

‘I think the President indicated in his remarks that the country is ready for that. But the candidates are going to be evaluated on their values and their priorities and their agenda.

Watch the President’s remarks for yourself:

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