Republican Sponsor Of Anti-Trans Bill Busted For Sexually Harassing Multiple Women


Republicans in several states are upping the attacks on the LGBT community with legislation to limit equal rights. We’ve witnessed this from North Carolina with the anti-gay measure Gov. Pat McCrory  signed into law. That worked out so well that McCrory has just announced that he will change House bill HB 2 which was also dubbed the “bathroom bill.” The backlash against anti-gay bills has been fiere, to say the least.

A Republican lawmaker in Tennessee is working to strip transgender Americans of their bathroom rights in what is called House Bill 2414. It’s all the rage for small government Republicans to police bathrooms now.

Occupy Democrats reports:

House Bill 2414 has been co-sponsored by state Rep. Jeremy Durham, on the grounds that women would be protected from the non-existent harassment and assault of men “pretending” to be transgender in order to use the women’s bathroom.

However, Durham has a dubious recent history. He has been “exiled” from the House after allegations that he sexually harassed thirty-four different women.

It got so bad, that Durham’s office had to be moved across the street. Attorney General Herbert Slatery declared that Durham, who is a married man, is “a continuing risk to unsuspecting women who are employed by or interact with the legislature.”

Durham is also accused of using his position to inappropriately pressure and harass female staffers in the building. Slatery’s warning stated that “with few exceptions, the women who related incidents felt they could not report Representative Durham’s behavior because nothing could be done and they did not want to lose their jobs or be considered ‘untrustworthy’ by employers, clients or legislators…women avoid or refuse to be alone with Representative Durham, a situation which has affected their ability to perform their jobs.”

Durham denied the accusations, saying, “I know for a fact I’ve never sexually harassed anybody. “If I’ve sent a text message that I shouldn’t have and someone will present it to me I’m happy to address it, and I’ll take responsibility.”

However, it was in January amid the scandal that Durham resigned as House majority whip, leaving the Republican caucus.

Republicans, including Gov. Bill Haslam, want Durham to leave the legislature altogether, according to The Advocate.

Durham at one time wrote a letter using House stationery, to support a pastor who plead guilty to statutory rape and the possession of child pornography. It doesn’t get worse than that, that is, unless you’re trying to deny trans people while claiming they are a danger even though there has never been evidence presented to back that allegation up. There hasn’t been one instance of a trans person harassing women in the bathrooms.

In contrast to trans people, there are thirty-four potential victims of harassment of women by Rep. Jeremy Durham.

Adding to the aforementioned, investigators tried to indict Durham three years ago for prescription fraud and forgery,

Durham isn’t alone. In fact, more Republican leaders have been indicted for sexual misconduct than trans people, including former GOP lawmakers Bill Hinson, Larry Craig and Bob Allen. Trans people = zero. For sure, we need to ban Republicans from using public bathrooms  in order to protect women.

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