Trump Goes On TV And For Once Nothing Happens


It’s true that last night’s Donald Trump Town Hall on CNN was a complete snooze. To be fair, that’s supposed to be the point. This is especially true of CNN’s round of family town halls with Republican candidates. Still, it is hardly an exaggeration to say nothing happened on last night’s Trump town hall.

First it was only Anderson Cooper and Trump chatting away on the stage. This seemed to accomplish little more than giving Trump a chance to rehearse his recent talking points. He hates NATO, for instance, and wants to choose a Washington insider as his running mate because, as Trump himself put it:

‘You don’t want two like me.’

Cooper did try to press him on policy issues and asked if he would give policy-specific talks any time soon. Trump said:

‘We’re going to start doing that, yes. I did one at AIPAC concerning Israel and it was met with raves.’

Trump went on to say he would give ten such policy talks in the next few months. When Cooper asked for specific topics, Trump told him:

‘We’re looking at different topics. We’re looking at unity, as an example. One topic I want to discuss. It might not be policy but I want to talk about unity in the Republic party.’

Luckily, Trump’s adult children and his wife Melania soon joined him on stage and did their best to humanize the guy by sharing childhood anecdotes, which seemed to go over pretty well. Apparently, in a slight rebranding of Just Say No for wealthy children, Trump would tell his kids every morning:

‘No alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes.’

The Trump children assured the audience this absolutely worked for them. Look, these town halls are supposed to lightweight. It is an attempt at sitting down with someone to show their softer, less aggressive side. Trump’s children got that memo as well and at every turn they sold their father, not just as a great father, but a great dealmaker, patriot, and potential president as if it were their job, which it is. Not just for the Trumps but for every candidate.

But all of this only makes one particular question from the town hall audience stand out. Because when the Trump women were asked what they thought of the media “having gone after” their father on several occasions over his treatment of women, his wife and daughters came to his defense. Ivanka offered as evidence that Trump has no issue with women the fact that he has placed female executives in the highest positions in his company. Tiffany said he has inspired her and had faith in her always. And as for Melania, she simply came out with:

‘He treats everyone equally.’

Sure he does. Muslims, protestors, Latinos, the media, everyone under Trump gets equal treatment; just ask Megyn Kelly.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.