Delegate From The Republican National Committee Will Vote For This Candidate In General Election


It is one thing for an RNC delegate to jump ship and another thing altogether to announce it to Gretchen Carlson live on Fox News. But that is exactly what Rina Shah Bharara did.

Bharara is an RNC District of Columbia delegate still officially bound to Marco Rubio despite the fact that the Florida senator has suspended his campaign (for more on this potential RNC Convention quagmire go here). Bharara says she still plans to cast the first convention ballot for Rubio, who won ten of the 19 delegates for D.C. However, if Trump wins the Republican nomination, Bharara says she will seriously consider casting her vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. When Carlson questioned Baharara about this choice, she had this to say:

‘The truth of the matter is I know what I’m getting with Clintonian policies. I don’t know what I’m getting with Donald Trump. He’s seriously too far off the deep end for me and I tinkered with [voting for Clinton] but I’m also thinking about just staying home.’

Bharara, who is the child of Indian immigrants, has worked to make the Republican party more inclusive but now finds herself at an impasse. The thing is, she is not alone in her party and has received the support of other groups dead set against a Trump nomination, many of which are uniting under the hashtags #StandWithRina and #NeverTrump.

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Bharara now faces harassment and accusations from within her own party. But anyone who doubts her loyalty to the right can check out her very real Republican bona fides here. So why the change of heart now? Bharara told Carlson that for her it comes down to one simple thing:

‘I did this because I had a baby last fall and I thought to myself, what kind of world is she going to grow up in if Donald Trump becomes my party’s nominee?’

No matter what else happens between now and July, it looks like the RNC National Convention in Cleveland will shape up to be one perfect storm. You can watch the exchange for yourself in the video below. Be sure to note the complete lack of surprise on Carlson’s face throughout.

Featured Image via YouTube Screengrab