JUST IN: Mom Drops Purse With Gun Inside At Hospital, 2-Year-Old Is Shot In The Face (VIDEO)


A Mississippi mother went to a hospital vending machine, then dropped her purse and the gun inside her bag went off. The bullet then ricocheted off of the vending machine and grazed her child on the face. At least the 2-year-old was shot in a medical facility (for what that’s worth) but we’re not sure why Mom felt it necessary to be packing heat in such careless disregard for her child and those around her. Weapons are not allowed on Merit Health campuses, even though Mississippi is an Open Carry state. “Charges are not pending, it’s an accidental discharge,” said Officer Colendula Green with the Jackson Police Department, according to WJTV.

That child is reportedly doing OK, at least physically.


The hospital released a statement about the shooting incident:

Weapons are prohibited on the campus of all Merit Health facilities to protect the safety of our patients, visitors, physicians and employees. This morning, an isolated incident involving the accidental discharge of a visitor’s weapon occurred on our campus. It was addressed quickly, preventing serious harm to the patient and risk to others in the hospital. Because this is an active police investigation, further questions should be directed to the Jackson Police Department.

In 2014, a similar incident happened which garnered the media’s attention. This time, the child was the unintentional shooter. A two-year-old Idaho boy shot and killed his 29-year-old mother in a Walmart after finding the woman’s weapon in her purse.

Both of the children in the aforementioned incidents were only 2-years-old and will have to live with what happened even though neither shooting was the fault of the child. In the Idaho case, the woman had a concealed carry permit but the loaded gun was not secured. In the Mississippi case, a gun was not allowed in the facility, yet the warnings were disregarded and her 2-year-old child was shot in the face.

The police say charges are ‘not pending’ however, the irresponsible gun owner should be held accountable for her child being shot and for breaking hospital rules which are in place for the safety of those inside.  Just secure your weapons. It’s a simple task.

Featured image: screengrab.