BREAKING: Justice Clarence Thomas Has A New Sex Scandal After Former Girlfriend Comes Forward (VIDEO)


When is a threesome not solely the business of the three consenting adults involved?

That would be when one of the people involved in the threesome is propositioning those threesomes from those working for him. That becomes a matter of national interest when it occurs before the person perpetrating this harassment is nominated as a Supreme Court justice.

The ultra-conservative Republican hero, Clarence Thomas, has had his share of sex scandals in the past. When he was nominated to the Supreme Court by the first President Bush, a former employee under Thomas named Anita Hill came forward to tell her story about her experiences working for Thomas and made the term “sexual harassment” a part of the daily lexicon in discussions of what many women too often face in the workplace.

70-year-old Lillian McEwen’s interview with Inside Edition on the upcoming HBO television movie that focuses on the testimony of Anita Hill on her experiences of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas, “Confirmation,” included some damning confessions.  Lillian McEwen dated Thomas for seven years before he married his current wife, Ginni Thomas, and was later appointed to the Supreme Court. McEwen says that Thomas often “recruited women that he worked with” to join in sexual activity with the two of them.

Despite acknowledging Thomas’s “recruitment” of women at work, some of whom Thomas was surely in a position of authority over as he was Anita Hill, McEwen insists that Hill was just “a woman scorned.”

‘She didn’t tell the truth, and he didn’t, either.’

Thomas, however, sat in a position of authority in the workplace while propositioning women with whom he worked for sex, according to McEwen’s story. That makes him guilty of sexual harassment.

Inside Edition’s coverage of this story included an odd twist. Anita Hill reports that in 2010, 19 years after Hill’s testimony to the Judiciary Committee, she received a voicemail on her office phone at Brandeis University, from Thomas’s wife, Ginny.

‘Good morning, Anita Hill. I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years. I would love for you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation about why you did what you did with my husband.’

Hill says she did not believe that the voicemail message was legitimately from Ginny Thomas at first.

‘When I initially heard it, I thought this was a prank phone call because I couldn’t believe that the wife of a Supreme Court justice would be calling me.’

Clearly, the reverence that the Conservative Right  shows to Justice Thomas is just more evidence of their hypocrisy.

See Inside Edition’s segment below:

Featured image screengrab via Inside Edition