Hacker Group Anonymous Just DESTROYED Hillary Clinton In New Public Message (VIDEO)


Hacktivist group, Anonymous has released a video very damaging to the Clinton campaign. The video, uploaded to YouTube on March 21st, is just beginning to go viral. In the video, an Anonymous activist calls Hillary out for lying, cheating, and murderous actions during her very long political career.

The video begins with a Hillary speech that is soon interrupted by an activist donning the Guy Fawkes mask. The group spokesman delivers this message directly to the former Secretary of State:

“Greeting, we are anonymous, this is an open message to you, Hillary. We know what you and your people stand for, and we do not forget. It seems like lying has become second nature to you, or should I say your only nature. The amount of times you have been called out is astonishing. You act like you will benefit the human collective, and many believe and blindly support you. But we know your real intentions, your real motives, and your real plans. And we know you are backed by the same dark suits that are behind nearly every other U.S. President. You will not bring abut change, at least, not in a positive way, and you will remain a puppet like all those before you. Remember the 30,000 emails you deleted? Remember the countless times you have lied while under oath? Remember your shady weapons deals that helped arm ISIS? Because we remembered it all, as we do not forget. We do not forgive. You may have the public tricked, but we will expose everything. The truth is about to catch up to you. You thought you could hide from your past, but you were wrong.”

This is only half of the must see message delivered by Anonymous. Please watch the video below for the full message.

This means war.

Video courtesy of You Tube: