One Whole Person Showed Up At Armed Anti-Islam Rally In Georgia (VIDEO)


Things didn’t work out well for a Trump supporting anti-Muslim activist when a total of one person showed up at a rally called, “United against Islam and Islamic immigration refugee.”

The group planned to shred images of President Obama, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and the Prophet Muhammad along with the shredding of the Koran, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Raw Story reports:

Jim Stachowiak, one of the event organizers is a Trump supporter according to a Huffington Post report last week. “I support Donald Trump because I like his agenda on dealing with the threats to this country — his ban on Islamic immigration,” he explained. He also added that he believes Muslim immigrants and refugees to the U.S. are “no more than an invading horde or army.”

Stachowiak urged those who planned to attend this massive rally (wink win) to bring loaded weapons to the event. It was to be an Open Carry rally.

The event didn’t go down well with the authorities. In fact, it freaked the police out.

The Daily Beast reports:

The right-wing agitator has been calling on the government to “STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION” for years, loves brandishing his large firearms, and wants you to know that “JESUS CHRIST WAS NOT A PACIFIST.”

He also enjoys referring to himself as a well-armed, proud “crusader” and “infidel” against the forces of “Islam, and any other Satanic Death Cult that would destroy our Liberty.”

Employees of the Georgia state capitol were notified by Capitol Police Director Lewis G. Young, telling them the participants in the rally planned to come armed.

“DPS is currently monitoring the threat risk and, together with GBA, is taking precautions to make Capitol Hill a safe environment,” the alert continued.

But photos circulating of the event showed a lone  protester. One guy.


200 people were expected to attend, but there was more media than attendees. The only ones who appeared to show up were the organizers of the event.

Featured image: Screengrab.