BREAKING: 28 Are Dead, Another 300 Wounded After Gruesome Terrorist Attack Dubbed A ‘War Crime’

Via Ramat Gul, AP

Hundreds of people are wounded this morning, and over two dozen are dead after an attack on a government security agency in Kabul, Afghanistan. Members of the Taliban used car bombs for the initial destruction, followed by multiple gunmen on the ground.

The streets were full of people hurrying about their mornings when a suicide bomber drove his vehicle into a crowded area and detonated an explosive device that injured hundreds of people, including many women and children. However, civilians were not the target of this attack.

The terrorist group was directly targeting a nearby Afghani secret service agency, whose sole purpose is protecting the country’s important leaders. Once the bombs went off, the gunmen ran into the building that housed the government agency and opened fire. Security inside the building fired back on gunmen, sparking a gun battle that would last more than 2 hours.

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Known Taliban member Zabihullah Mujahid took responsibility for the horrific attack this morning and the governor of the Northern Balkh province urged citizens to revolt against the terrorist group, hopefully inciting an uprising that would spell serious trouble for the organization.

A week ago, the Taliban announced the beginning of “Operation Omari,” which is an offensive against the Afghani government that will surely bring with it the demise of thousands of innocent citizens. Police Commander Obaidullah Tarakhail said that he has never seen anything like it. He told the Associated Press that he couldn’t see or hear for nearly 20 minutes after the blast.

The death toll is expected to rise into the afternoon, check back here for updates on this story.

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