UPDATE: Gunfight Between Police and KKK Member Leaves One Dead (VIDEO)


Just in case you thought the KKK was gone and done with, a man appeared in Georgia last week to remind you that it wasn’t.

Joseph J. Harper didn’t just appear, though. HeĀ engaged in an 8 hour long gunfight — and wannabe gas and artillery fight, evidently — ending in his death. He had proclaimed to the police and news media that “someone was going to die that day,” and that someone turned out to be him. Interestingly, reports from the scene are not yet clear as to whether Harper died at his own hand or after being shot by officers. And it’s not like, for some reason, the police are fond of relating either scenario.

Officers did confirm that they fired at Harper, but “an investigation into his death is still ongoing.” After the officers fired, a shot was reportedly heard from inside the home. After that shot, a robot dispatched into the home confirmed Harper was dead.

Harper has been involved with the KKK and white supremacy for a long time. He was in the news back in 2003 for joining forces with a church in, of all things, the black community to counter protest a proposed removal of a public Ten Commandments display. He also joined with other Klansmen to show solidarity with a murderer in 2005. The murderer was fellow KKK member Edgar Ray Killen, who killed 3 civil rights workers back in 1964.

The police came to Harper’s home in the first place because of a “domestic disturbance.” What that means was related in a police statement.

‘Joseph Harper and his ex-wife were scheduled to separate property at the residence on April 16th at 9 a.m…deputies arrived at Harper’s residence shortly after 7 a.m., and witnessed a large amount of household items and property had been placed in the front yard. A family member of Harper’s ex-wife was also at the residence and began to load the property with the deputies present. While loading the property, Harper was standing on the front porch wearing a bullet resistant vest, holding a shotgun in his hands, and had several handguns in holsters. Harper began to aggressively wrap the sling of the shotgun around his hand and tap the trigger guard with his finger.’

And it went downhill from there. Of course, Harper’s fiasco is not the only thing showing that the Klan is still alive and well. KKK members held a rally in Southern California back in February and stabbed the protesters who showed up to greet them. Heck, a prominent KKK leader openly endorsed Donald Trump for president.

In other words, the KKK is alive and well. By definition, the tolerant cannot tolerate intolerance like is found in the KKK. Free speech does not extend to the freedom to proclaim hate speech. If the threat of KKK style extremism was taken seriously, this man would have been marked, and, at the very least he would have been prohibited from owning a gun.

But he wasn’t. He could have killed officers, family members, or anyone on that day or any day prior.

You can watch a news segment about the story below:

Featured Image is a Screenshot from the Video.