WATCH: Kasich Loses His Cool On A Reporter, Grabs His Mic (VIDEO)


Ohio Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign is, by definition, running on a pipe dream. “Pipe dream” is defined as a “fanciful hope or scheme” and is derived from the pleasant -but not real- experiences that are had while smoking an opium pipe.

Kasich though, is nearly unreachable with this piece of information, almost as if he really was high. He has won only one state and languishes at 20% of the number of delegates that he would need to clinch the nomination. The one state he did win was his home state, Ohio, and he hasn’t won a single delegate since then, over a month ago. Still, he thinks he can win the New York primary, which is today, and actually go on to -democratically, apparently -win the nomination.

Kasich was asked about this questionable state of affairs by a reporter from the Financial Times on Monday. The Ohio Governor freaked out.

The reporter, Demetri Sevastopulo, asked:

‘Governor, if you get to the convention in Cleveland and you’ve only won Ohio, do you think you’re qualified to be the nominee?’

The only reason this question even matters is because it is increasingly likely that the GOP nominee will be chosen on the convention floor. Trump just can’t -yet –  seem to clinch the majority of delegates required to win.

Kasich responded, saying:

‘At the end of the day, I think the Republican Party wants to pick somebody who can actually win in the fall.’

Sevastopulo responded back by saying that wasn’t exactly an answer to his question. Well, in the world of John Kasich, it was an answer. And, to prove it, the governor grabbed the reporter’s microphone and shoved it in his face, saying that if it wasn’t a good enough answer, then answer it himself.

Maybe though, Kasich just plans to be the totally undemocratically anointed nominee. The only way Kasich could become nominee is if every GOP primary election from the past and through the future was made null and void. This situation would happen under the open, or contested convention, mentioned above, where the nominee is not predetermined going in. Sure, Kasich has a chance under those circumstances.

But, he has gotten so few votes that it would be a feat of centralization of electoral power in the GOP. At least he has gotten some votes -there have been some suggestions that persons who were never even on the ballot might be named nominee. (Think, US Representative Paul Ryan and/or Mitt Romney.)

You can watch a clip of the tense encounter, via the Financial Times reporter’s Youtube channel, below.

Featured Image is a Screenshot from the Video.