Los Angeles Bigots Protested These Bathrooms Outside Of A School


Bigots in Los Angeles, California have taken it upon themselves to protest outside of a local high school. These protests are the result of the addition of a gender neutral restroom to the school campus to accommodate all of the school’s students’ needs.

Gender neutral bathrooms were added to the Santee Education Complex High School on Friday and members of the community found it unsettling. Tuesday afternoon as students got out of school, men of the community gathered across the street spewing profanities and hate towards the high school students. The intelligence clearly runs thin with this group, as yelling at a group of high schoolers gets absolutely nothing accomplished and only portrays their maturity level.

According to NBC Los Angeles,

‘Students stood in front of the school, with both sides shouting at the other before the fight began. The melee was caught on cellphone video by Jose Robles, a 14-year-old student.’

The protestors were yelling things like, “Burn in hell, Santee!” and the students that have worked so hard to get a gender neutral bathroom introduced at the school felt belittled and threatened. According to Jose Robles, the 14 year old student that caught it on camera, “One of the students just tackled the guy that was going against the gays and a whole load of students jumped in.”

Santee High School’s Gay Straight Alliance, a club on campus, began the push for a gender neutral bathroom so all students could feel comfortable picking a restroom. These efforts are looked past by protestors that can’t wrap their bigoted minds around change and progress, though.

NBC Los Angeles notes,

‘Protesters said they planned to return to the school Wednesday afternoon with more supporters. Details regarding the possible protest were not immediately available, but the school planned on having extra police patrols on campus.’

It is unintelligible how a group of adults can stand outside of a local high school and yell at the students for being accepting, welcoming, and caring towards all students’ needs. Gender neutral bathrooms are one step closer to having equality among school campuses and will help bring awareness to the LGBT community.

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Image Source Flickr with a Creative Commons license.