WTF? This South Carolina Sheriff Just Compared The NAACP To The KKK?


South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright, who is currently running for his fourth term as sheriff, recently ruffled a lot of feathers when he said, “I think the most racist people in America right now sometimes are minorities.”

He didn’t stop there, reports WYFF4.

‘I’ve got a chaplain who works for me. He’s an African-American, he is my brother and I love him more than anything.. He doesn’t buy into that mess. A bunch of his friends don’t either.’

Wright then used his friends as an example of the problem with minority groups like the NAACP:

‘They don’t do the NAACP because I feel like that is a racist group as well as the KKK. I don’t care about them either. I don’t want to be a part of no group that’s got something to do just because of your color. I don’t think they’re right.’

He went on to say:

‘I think if we would quit worrying about Democrats or Republicans and just love our neighbors as God told us to, we’re gonna be better. We’re just gonna be better.’

On the surface and on its own, this doesn’t seem like a harmful comment. But when it’s put alongside the rest of what Wright said, things get a bit more questionable. This isn’t the first time someone has argued that minority groups like the NAACP are divisive and racist towards white people. What people like Wright seem to forget, though, is the reason these types of groups were founded. There is nothing racist about the NAACP, and comparing a group that has done so much good to the KKK says much more about Wright than it does about the NAACP.

Russell Lynch, who is Wright’s opponent in the race for Sheriff, said about Wright’s comments:

‘Comments like this are not conducive to solving those problems and addressing those issues and building those relationships with anybody, minorities included. These kind of comments are not conducive with that happening.  It’s an embarrassment to a law enforcement for a law enforcement professional to sum a group like the NAACP up as being a racist organization.’

Wright has accused Lynch of “political bashing” and trying to “stir up controversy to draw some attention.” He is also standing by his statements. He said in an interview:

‘I don’t care about any group of people who don’t like people just because of whatever color God made you.  I don’t get into any group that does that.  We have an NAACP here in Spartanburg that tries to help everybody. There’s a very small group within that group.  They’re divisive, and I don’t buy into that mess.

I certainly wasn’t pointing a finger at anybody. I don’t care about any group or any person who doesn’t respect you just because of whatever color God made you.’

Again, this sentiment alone is not necessarily a bad one, but when it’s put into context, it shows that Wright clearly doesn’t understand the bigger issue behind what he said.

Watch Wright and Lynch weigh in below, courtesy of Raw Story via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.