Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Just Spit ALL OVER The Memory Of Beloved Music Icon Prince


Yesterday was indeed a heartbreaking one for music fans. One of the most original and creative artists of the last three decades passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 57. Across the nation and the world, fans and other celebrities mourned and honored the incredible genius of Prince, gone far too soon.

As of yet, a cause of death is unknown for Prince. An autopsy was performed today in Minnesota, but the results could take weeks to be concluded and released. Just last week, on his way back from a performance at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, the plane carrying Prince had to make an emergency landing in Illinois due to ill-health on the part of the musical icon. It was later reported that he had been suffering from a bout of the flu but was expected to be fine with time. And then yesterday, the news that broke the collective hearts of millions around the globe was released.

In Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, they paid fitting tribute to this trailblazing performer:


Yet in the face of all these tributes and memorials being offered to this amazing man, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided he’d spit all over the memory of this singular artist.

You know Joe. He’s the very same sheriff who makes inmates at his jails wear pink underwear, houses some out in tent cities despite the stifling summer heat in Arizona, and has also been known to serve spoiled food to those who are serving time at his detention facility. And yesterday he fired up his computer and let loose with this:

Screen-Shot-2016-04-21-at-8.18.03-PM Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Just Spit ALL OVER The Memory Of Beloved Music Icon Prince Celebrities

After getting serious blowback on Twitter for that posting, Arpaio then deleted his initial tweet and went with this:

Prince’s body was not even cold, and yet Sheriff Joe thought he’d go ahead and speculate as to what might have killed the guy. Apparently he isn’t familiar with the old expression, “Do not speak ill of the dead.”

Twitter users are still letting Arpaio know what they think of him, and you have to wonder why anyone — even someone as callous as Joe Arpaio — would want to walk right up to a hornet’s nest and shake it. Take a look at some of what has been fired back at Arpaio:


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