SHOCKING: Watch What These Guys Did To An Electric Voter Machine In 60 Seconds


Following the US primary cycle over the past several months has given the viewer a taste of just about everything that could go wrong in an election. Running low on ballots, running low on polling places, running low on voter registration records -everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

In Arizona, the Democratic National Convention, and the Bernie Sanders campaign for president, and the Hillary Clinton campaign all filed suit against the state for the irregularities that led to hours-long lines and thousands upon thousands of voters being turned away. In the aftermath of huge problems in the New York primary -like, 125,000 voters being removed from the rolls huge- one election official was fired.

Another calamity that has struck, although not with quite the same press coverage, has been “technical difficulties” with the beast of elections -electronic voting machines. Absolutely wild stories have come out of some attempts at voting, most notably from among Bernie Sanders supporters. (To be sure, there have been difficulties in both parties, but not with the same severity as found among supporters of Senator Sanders.)

Stories that turned out to be satire claimed that electronically recorded votes were being switched to Clinton from Sanders in New York, but the real stories were at least as bizarre. Many of the stories have come out of places with closed primaries, where improper registration can be a point to deny the ability to vote in a preferred election. In that way, maybe votes weren’t switched, but that’s just because the voters never actually got the correct ballot.

Shelly Berry, a New York voter, had her registration mysteriously – and apparently fraudulently changed to No Party Affiliation from Democrat. Other voters reported similar “problems.” Voters reported similar issues in California, Connecticut, and elsewhere.

There has been a lot of talk about what could be going on behind the scenes to cause all these disasters. Accusations fly all over the place. Donald Trump, for the few calamities that he has faced, has accused rival US Senator Ted Cruz of “illegal” activities. A few voices from the Bernie Sanders camp have alleged that the Democratic National Convention is purposely working against Sanders.

But how true is any of that? And how possible? Well, according to an experiment from 9 years ago, hacking an electric voting machine and changing an entire election is extremely possible. A group of 3 men took apart and put back together one such machine, changing key components and switching up the results in the meantime. The machine they “worked on” has been used in the US for many years and is marketed as the “LibertyVote.”

Watch the video below.

Maybe concerns about a conspiracy are warranted to some degree. There are so many holes where a conniving person could come in and mess things up it’s unbelievable.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.