WATCH: Donald Trump Supporters Warn Of ‘Armed Insurrection’ If He Is Denied The Nomination (VIDEO)


Trump is well-known for inciting violence against protesters at his campaign rallies. So it only stands to reason, that he might threaten further violence, if he doesn’t get his way and faces a contested GOP convention.

In his ever-humble opinion, he tells people that he should win the election. Then, he performs his neat reverse logic trick. He says, “I would never say/do…,” then he goes ahead and says it. That way, he thinks he can deny any responsibility when something he puts into words actually happens.

As Bill O’Reilly said to Trump in an interview:

‘You walk right up to the line. You’re always pushing. You’re always going there. Alright.’


As far as violence goes, Trump told a rally of 7,500 people:

‘Then they said, ‘You know, he’s [Vladimir Putin] killed reporters. And I don’t like that. I’m totally against that. But I do hate them.’

‘I hate some of these people [reporters], but I’ll be honest, I would never kill them. Some of them are such lying, disgusting people, it’s true…[I] would never kill them. And anybody that does, I think, would be despicable.’

Trump planted the seed of insurgency during his rallies:

‘Nobody should take victory without the delegates, and voting…people aren’t going to stand for it.’

Then Trump does his two-step dance around the facts, saying there would be a big uprising of people if their votes were discarded:

‘I hope it would be peaceful. But I don’t think people would be happy….’I think you’d have riots, riots…I think bad things will happen.’

At the April 20 Trump rally in Ocean City, Maryland, he said there will be “riots’ if he doesn’t get the nomination. So, a reporter went to the seemingly, unending line of people waiting to get inside of the rally and asked them what would happen if Trump did not win the election. The results were startling:

‘If people don’t get what they voted for, I’m saying there’ll be anarchy, but it might start on a small scale.’

‘Take up arms, could start pushing against the government. it happened once before did it not? In 1776.’

‘I put my life there, on the line, several times and one more time. I’d fight for, yeah, literally, yeah. I’m trained.’

‘The Republican party will be done as a party. Got some Civil insurrection in the Southern states. People are so tired. If people get together, you might see a Civil War. But if the people backed up here a mile. I’ve got nothing to lose by doing it.’

‘I fought once for my country, I’m able to give it all I got. This is going to make the difference of whether our country is going to maintain freedom or not.’

Republicans are worried about what a Trump presidency would do to the country. Maybe, they should worry about what would happen if Trump did not win the election.

Check out Trump quasi-predicting there will be riots if he is denied the nomination, a warning his supporters echo in this video and the voters’ shocking answers:

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey via Flickr, Creative Commons License with some modification.

H/T: Alternet.