Amy Schumer Defends Women’s Rights From Congress In Hilarious New Skit ( VIRAL VIDEO)


Sometimes comedy is not only the funniest remedy for political maladies; lately it often feels as if laughter might be the only appropriate response to the iron-fisted moralizing of some politicians. Speaking of comedic remedies, Amy Schumer is some of the best medicine on the market. As a comic, Schumer is whip-smart with impeccable timing. She talks about sex and women’s bodies openly, raunchily, offering a much-needed female perspective on a topic that’s been dominated by men for far too long. Or as Julia-Louis Dreyfus puts it in a sketch from last season’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” “are you that girl from television who talks about her pussy all the time?”

Yes, Schumer is that girl, and beyond being a hilarious comedian, she’s made a name for herself in taking on hypocritical double standards applied to women in the US. Last season, she mercilessly mocked legislation regulating birth control, and now in the season four premiere of her show, she takes on Congress for its willingness to regulate and interfere with women’s health care.

In the sketch, Schumer goes in for a gynecological exam only to be met in a creepy operating theater by four congressmen instead of her physician. And when she asks for a qualified medical professional, the congressmen inform her:

‘We’re the House Committee on Women’s Health. So I think we have a better idea than a bunch of science-y nerdles.’

Tellingly, the congressmen ask her their key questions, which include marital status and number of children along with “When was the date of your last lady curse?” and “How many blood diapers did you use?” That she’s unmarried, childless, and sexually active leads one congressman to ask in disgust:

‘How many men have you laid with in the last year?’

But when Schumer fires back:

‘Don’t two of you have secret families with your maids?’

She’s told:

‘We’re not the ones on trial here!’

It’s all too close to home, but is this even comedy? The issues Schumer is tackling here are dead serious and her take on them is pointed, meant to jar viewers into seeing both the irony and the thinly veiled misogyny inherent in male legislators’ take on women’s health care. While the video is sure to go viral, it’s hard to laugh at the hypocrisy of a group of unqualified men interrogating a woman when it mirrors so perfectly the situation women in the US have to endure daily. You can watch the full skit below courtesy of Comedy Central.

Featured Image via Comedy Central screengrab.