Clinton Goes After Trump On Twitter In His Own Game (TWEETS)


Hillary Clinton had some fun jabbing Donald Trump on Twitter yesterday. She used his signature style of identifying things as “Sad!” against him. You can see the tweet below.

Clinton was referring to recent comments from the Trump camp that the candidate would be becoming more “presidential” and less hateful in the near future. Trump staffer Paul Manafort told a crowd of Republican leaders in Florida last week that “the negatives are going to come down, the image is going to change.”

Besides that comment, from Trump himself came comments suggesting support of LGBT rights, comments which were startling to some. Support of LGBT persons’ rights goes against his expressed anti-LGBT positions. Inconsistencies aren’t much to Trump though. He treats politics like business, even though declaring a country bankrupt has much more serious implications than doing the same for a business.

On NBC’s Today Show last week, Trump spoke against the new law in North Carolina, known as House Bill 2 or HB2, dictating that people use the bathroom corresponding with their “born gender,” among other ridiculously draconian measures. The law has received criticism from all sorts of liberal leaning groups. Trump, initially surprisingly, said that things in North Carolina and elsewhere should “stay the way they are,” and cited as a negative effect of the law all the businesses that are pulling out of the state.

People left and right took the bait. For Trump, any press is good press. NBC claimed that “Trump is considered one of the more LGBT-friendly Republican candidates.” Rival US Senator Ted Cruz said Trump was only concerned to “Make [political correctness] great again.” Many though, such as John Iadarola of The Young Turks, saw the comments as just pandering. All Trump was really concerned about was the business aspect, not the aspect of human rights.

Clinton, evidently, would like all to know that she falls in the same category as Iadarola, although the former First Lady wasn’t just putting things out there.  She was also directly returning fire at Trump in the continuous and random blank-firing war for the nomination. Clinton is increasingly focusing on her perceived-as-likely general election opponent, although Trump or Clinton could very well still be toppled.

At least 1 out of 4 tweets over the past 2 days from the official Clinton account have been directed at Trump. You can see a selection of those below.

The tweet identified as from “@TheBriefing2016” is an official Clinton campaign tweet. The account identifies itself in the biography as “A Hillary Clinton campaign account” and has a subdomain of the official Clinton website displayed as its website. It seems to be a pro-Hillary news aggregator, which for the past few days has only been reporting about Trump and an endorsement of Clinton from the Philadelphia Daily News.

The Briefing account has a slim fraction of the followers of the official Clinton campaign account, with about 30,000 to the former’s 6 million. It has apparently been active for almost a year.

Trump’s fire has also been directed at Clinton, having called her “Crooked Hillary” and criticized her physical attributes numerous times. At almost the same time as the “Sad!” tweet went out from the Clinton campaign, Trump was at a rally in Connecticut mocking Clinton for her supposed lack of emotion. You can watch that video below.

In other words, the burgeoning system of American elections is turning on itself. Progressives like Clinton are resorting to engaging in necessary wars of words in order to sustain themselves. Everybody’s doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s an effective or productive thing.

Featured Image via Krassotkin on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.